Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up on Struggle to Disband a 200-Year-Old Manipulative Policy as California Governor: “It Was a Battle Like Hell”

Arnold Schwarzenegger always gave his 100% in whatever field he went to. On top of being a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner, he also went on to become a blockbuster action hero in Hollywood movies like Predator and Terminator. However, he left movies in 2003 in pursuit of something that his fans would have never guessed. Arnie ran for governor in California. After defeating Grey Davis, he became the governor of California for two terms. Finally, the bodybuilding legend started his political career. During his time as governor, he made several changes, some of which were received with open arms and some that were not.

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During a recent interview with Ryan Holiday, the Austrian Oak recalled one extremely difficult scenario. He had to struggle a lot with something, which ultimately he achieved, but not without a huge battle, which was for a good cause.

Arnold Schwarzenegger abolished a 200-year tradition in America


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On the YouTube channel Be Stoic, Ryan Holiday spoke to Schwarzenegger on the occasion of his new book launch. They spoke about how to be useful when people still have time and also about the benefits of nurturing the mind and body. They also touched upon the key moments during his career as a governor, bodybuilder, and actor.

He was reminiscing about his days as governor and how he became one when Arnie spoke about one of the biggest struggles he faced as a political leader. He spoke about gerrymandering, which is when a political party can manipulate the borders so that the voting system favors their party and they get the most votes from a particular area. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first governor to abolish the 200-year-old tradition in America. He said, “Wow, I did something that was a tradition in America for 200 something years. Uhh, they have gerrymandering, and we threw it out. And yes, it was a battle like hell,  but… The battle was not easy, but he ultimately found a way to establish equality, even in political decisions.

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Arnie said further, “So it’s all about how do we create this equality and that’s what I was always shooting for. And I have to say that I just happened to be very fortunate because I grew up after the Second World War.” Since he grew up in a country that has seen the devastation of discrimination and war, his number one priority was equality when he was governor. The Terminator is a brave soul, and this is not the only difficult decision that he has taken during his tenure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has defended Susan Kennedy


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When ‎ Arnold Schwarzenegger was married to Maria Shriver, the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, he was not in any way related to Susan Kennedy. However, in 2005 Arnie caused an uproar in the political realm when he appointed Susan Kennedy as the chief of staff. 

He replaced Patricia Clarey, who failed to successfully promote his Year of Reform as campaign manager. When the Republican governor of California appointed a Democrat in such an important position as the chief of staff, both parties did not approve of this. Arnold Schwarzenegger recounted how baffled both Republicans and Democrats became. He said, during the same YouTube interview, “They said, ‘How could you do that? How could you have a chief of staff who’s a woman—a Democrat and a lesbian? What the hell is going on here with you, governor?’”


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 He told Ryan Holiday that Susan was one of the brightest candidates he had ever interviewed. Again, going back to his motion for equality, he declared that her gender, sexuality, or political thoughts did not matter because she understood the vision of California. What do you think about Arnie’s ideas on always advocating for equality? Let us know in the comments below.

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