Arnold Schwarzenegger Lashes Out on Haters Throwing Dirt at Him Online: “I’ve Got Plenty of Trophies; I Don’t Need Fake Internet Awards”

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger has inspired countless individuals with his legendary bodybuilding career. Despite retiring from the sport decades ago, Schwarzenegger continues to train regularly and motivate others to do the same, using his fitness community and newsletter. Arnold’s Pump Club has almost 600,000 members at the moment, who believe that Arnold’s daily advice and tips have changed their lives.

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In his recent edition of the daily newsletter, he revealed an epiphany that he recently had. Talking about the dark side of social media, he confessed that he recently realized that most of the hate messages he receives come from people who are anti-social.

Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that social media makes people anti-social


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Isn’t it ironic that the platforms that are made to make people more social are failing miserably at their jobs, making individuals all the more anti-social? Along the same lines, Schwarzenegger wrote in his newsletter, Arnold’s Pump Club“People come up to me after my workout every day to shake my hand or take a selfie. I have never once heard the cr*p I see on social media.” He continued by explaining the reason behind this. He stated that social media rewards those who spread hate messages in the form of likes.

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However, keeping a distance from this, Arnold does not like to do this. He said he prefers to use his social media accounts to only spread positivity. “You’ll only see positivity on my social media, even if it means getting less likes or attention. I’ve got plenty of trophies; I don’t need fake internet awards,” Schwarzenegger wrote.

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Continuing further, Schwarzenegger promised his fans that he would keep spreading positivity using his platform.

Schwarzenegger’s commitment to his ‘villagers’

‘The Austrian Oak’ assured his fans and subscribers that he would continue to spread positivity and genuine information. Schwarzenegger realizes that his work has influenced many minds and wants “to show them they have more power than they know, first to change themselves and then to change the world.”


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“We’re almost 600,000 people — more a city than a village now, but we will keep that village feel, and one by one, we will convert people to realize that you feel a lot better about life when you choose positivity,” he wrote. He explained that his book is an antidote to the negativity prevailing in this world.


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‘The Terminator’ concluded by pointing out that it is time to use social media for good. What are your views on his epiphany regarding the consequences of social media? Let us know in the comments.


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