Arnold Schwarzenegger Highlights the Key Reason Behind an Incurable Disease That His Friend Bruce Willis Is Battling: “That Risk Skyrocketed”

Staying healthy is one of the most predominant concerns around the world. However, not all people realize that the tiny habits they have can have nightmarish consequences in the long run. Arnold Schwarzenegger, arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time, usually imparts great knowledge regarding fitness through his newsletters. Let us look at what he has to say this time.

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Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly famous for his career in bodybuilding. Moreover, he is also known for his acting and political careers. Along the line, Arnie has made many friends. In his newsletter, he focused largely on one of his friends, Bruce Willis’ incurable disease, and addressed what might have caused it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice to avoid a probable health risk


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In his latest Newsletter, Arnold Schwarzenegger focused on one of the most common habits of contemporary working-class individuals. He stated how most people nowadays unconsciously spend as many as 10 hours sitting, which does have severe outcomes. Arnie stated, “Scientists reviewed data from nearly 50,000 people to determine the risks associated with too much sitting. People who sat for more than 10 hours per day were nearly 10 percent more likely to develop dementia. And that risk skyrocketed when sitting for 12 or 15 hours per day.”

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Moreover, the bodybuilding legend, who is still considered one of the fittest among his peers, provided follow-up solutions if one cannot avoid sitting for a long time. He suggested, “It might be in your best interest to spend parts of your day standing, whether taking walking calls or using a standup desk.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers to speak in a straightforward manner. Being a prominent member of a community that hails the aesthetics of physique, it is needless to say Arnie has been a devout of the art himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s peculiar encounter 


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In his interview with The 92nd Street Y, New York, Arnold Schwarzenegger extensively talked about the time when he was getting painted by Jamie Wyeth – who painted Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley before. The story goes back to 1977. He stated in his interview, He (Jaime Wayeth) then ended up painting me.” Additionally, he said, “They prepare a table, and all of a sudden there are fifty guys.” Then Schwarzenegger continued, “The next thing I know is that this guy is now na**d and starts piling on top of each other on this square table.”

With the rapid increase of desk jobs, it is hard to manage sitting hours. However, the need of the hour implores everyone to reduce the hour so as to keep their health in check. Dementia still has no proper cure, and it is only through lifestyle changes can one tries to reduce the chances of acquiring the same disease as Arnie’s friend Bruce Willis has.


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How many hours do you spend sitting? Do you think you can try to change your lifestyle effectively? Let us know in the comments.

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