Arnold Schwarzenegger Has a Stern Message for the Youth: “Don’t Sit in Front of the TV and Complain”

Arnold Schwarzenegger dreamt about being successful since childhood but always backed his vision with actions. At 15, he trained daily at the gym to build a physique like his idol, Reg Park. In the 1980s, he spent his nights and days choosing the best scripts and performing death-defying stunts. And once in politics, Schwarzenegger strived hard to contribute to the people of California. At 76, he wants the youngsters to be helpful.

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The Austrian Oak’s latest book, Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, is out now. Arnie compiled all his winning secrets in the book. While promoting his self-help book, Schwarzenegger asked the youth to take charge of changing the world instead of complaining. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message for youth


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The bodybuilding icon in his seventies is following his father’s words of wisdom to “Be Useful.” The Terminator icon believes in actions more than words. So, he started a fitness newsletter this year to persuade the world towards a healthy lifestyle. While focusing on how one can be useful, Schwarzenegger said in a recent interview, “There’s endless amount of things that we can do where we can reach out and help.

While many complain about poverty and crises, a few could take the initiative to change the world. However, Schwarzenegger believes that everyone can contribute to society. So, he asks youth to focus on how their skills can be useful for the needy.

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I always tell people, ‘Don’t sit in front of the TV and complain how terrible things are out there in the world,’” he stressed in the interview with the 92nd Street Y. Schwarzenegger even displayed how it can be done to his kids.

The Governator built 25 homes for veterans


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The 7x Mr. Olympia contributed to every arena he ventured into. After retiring from the bodybuilding sport, Schwarzenegger started the Arnold Classic to provide a platform for young bodybuilders to compete. As governor of California, he brought reforms to the financial and environmental sectors to help the state grow. And when his kids feel sad about the destitute on the roads, he advises them to do something instead of pitying them.

My kids go to me, she says, ‘Oh God! Isn’t it terrible? Look at all this homeless in Los Angeles,’ and I said, ‘And what are we going to do about it? What are you doing about it?‘” Schwarzenegger revealed that he had built 25 homes for veterans in Los Angeles and wants his kids to follow his path.


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The world is a better place because of people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who take the initiative to run after their dreams and positively contribute to society. Are you inspired by the Governator’s words of wisdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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