Arnold Schwarzenegger Credits Himself for Chris Pratt and Katherine’s “Immaculate House,” Despite Only Visiting on Special Occasions

As the age-old saying goes, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness,’ Katherine Schwarzenegger surely learned this the hard way. Bodybuilding veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger recently explained in an exclusive interview with how he once threw Katherine’s shoes in the fireplace years ago.

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Continuing with the story, he admits that this led to a massive change in her behavior as she maintains an “immaculate house,” now years later, after getting married to Hollywood star Chris Pratt. While Schwarzenegger admits that his way would have felt hard growing up, Katherine, however, uses the same tactics with her three-year-old daughter Lyla.

Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about his parenting methods


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Growing up in a small village in Austria himself, Arnold never saw the luxury that his kids had. He explains that he only had one pair of shoes growing up, which he used to clean every day. Because of this habit that he developed in his childhood years, he insisted that his children do the same. “Every pair of shoes that I had, which there was only one pair, I washed every day and cleaned every day and I put them away. So I said, ‘I want you guys to do the same thing, even though you have many shoes,” Schwarzenegger explained in an interview with

He also opened up about an incident that happened years ago. Arnold reveals that whenever Katherine visits him along with her daughter Lyla, she asks the kid not to keep her shoes near the fireplace. Describing what Katherine generally says, Arnold stated, “Because you know what Daddy did? When I left my shoes there twice? The third time, he burned them in front of me and I cried.’” However, Schwarzenegger confesses that his hard parenting methods ensured that Katherine and Chris Pratt have “an immaculate house” now.

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Katherine was not the only one who faced the wrath of ‘The Austrian Oak.’ He revealed during the interview that Patrick (Arnold’s eldest son) also got the same treatment when he did not clean his bed or was in the shower for way too long. 

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Arnold once threw Patrick’s mattress from the balcony


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During the interview, ‘Arnie’ also confessed that Patrick also faced a few such incidents. He explained that Patrick had a habit of taking long showers. To teach him a lesson, Arnold got a shower that released ice-cold water after five minutes. “And all of a sudden, we heard downstairs, the scream,” Arnold said with a grin.

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Similarly, he also revealed that Patrick often failed to make his bed. To solve this problem, Arnold states, “I opened up the door to the balcony, picked up the mattress and threw it down with the bedsheets, the pillows, everything. I said, don’t ever make someone come in and clean your room, clean your shower or make your bed,” he shared. “I said, ‘Because I taught you how to make the bed.’”


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While the way Schwarzenegger dealt with the kids might sound a bit too harsh, as a matter of fact, it was, but it did pay off. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.

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