“Arms Were Hurting, My Lungs Were Gasping”: Despite Being 62YO, Muscle Granny Reveals Her Consistent Fitness Mantra With Simple Equipments

In today’s world of bodybuilding and fitness, where many often stereotype the elderly as frail and physically passive, 62-year-old bodybuilder Holly Would Stevens-Tam stands out remarkably. She’s not just breaking stereotypes; she’s smashing through barriers with a skip and a jump. Recently, this “Muscle Granny” proudly showcased her passion and dedication to fitness on her Instagram.

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She begins her post by telling us about her visit to the beautiful island of Oahu, where she found the only fitness store in Hawaii. Getting fitness equipment in Hawaii can be hard, but she didn’t give up. To keep staying fit, she got herself a new jump rope and some resistance bands.

Mastering the weighted jump rope and beyond fitness


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At first glance, a jump rope might seem like a simple tool, but her choice was anything but ordinary. This lightweight rope isn’t meant for casual skipping. It boasts added weight, which, as she mentions, “added some work to my jumps.” Transitioning to this new rope meant adapting to its unique feel and rhythm, but her enthusiasm for the challenge was evident: “It took a minute for me to get the feel, but I loved it.”

After mastering her weighted rope routine, she transitioned to weighted Cossack squats. Performing three sets of ten, she candidly shared her experience, saying her “arms were screaming!” If you think that’s the end of her workout routine, think again.

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Embracing the spirit of Conditioning Friday, she also incorporated lateral exercises, enhancing their intensity using a weighted vest and adding burpees into the mix. Her authentic commentary paints a vivid picture: “My arms were hurting, my lungs were gasping.” However, what truly sets her apart isn’t just her rigorous workout routine.

Muscle Granny: Defying age and setting an example


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When you see her work out, it’s clear she’s very determined and strong-willed. Some may find it odd to mix cardio exercises with muscle-building. Yet, she busts that myth open with a straightforward counter: “Yes, you can mesh cardio and strength training together.”

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One thing jumps out when you scroll through her posts: her relentless drive to challenge the limits. Her mantra, “Eat Meat, Make Muscles, and push beyond what’s comfortable,” It’s not just a phrase, it sums up her whole belief. It’s not just about working out hard; it’s about the mental strength she has for her fitness path.


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Holly Would Stevens-Tam breaks the mold of a typical 62-year-old. She’s proved that age doesn’t limit physical abilities. Muscle Granny’s determination outshines her age. Does her story inspire you? Share your thoughts and fitness journeys, regardless of your age.

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