“Are You Even Human”: Calisthenics Athlete Shocks the Internet With Unimaginable Body Movements

Getting fit can be different for everyone. Some people enjoy playing sports to stay in shape, while others prefer bodybuilding. But there’s a fitness influencer who took a unique path and got into Calisthenics. Sondre Berg began his challenging yet impressive journey of Calisthenics training when he was young. He has been practicing bodyweight exercises, hand balancing, acrobatics, and other movements since a teenager.

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Berg even started spreading more awareness about the sport he’s been practicing. Since 2015, he’s been providing coaching to both adults and young kids. Berg often shares his balancing videos on social media, flaunting his incredible strength and defying gravity.

Sondre Berg caught everyone’s attention with his new stunning video


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Recently, he posted a jaw-dropping short video on his official Instagram page that quickly garnered the attention of his fans. However, being the most active kid, he was always seeking more challenges because he got bored with the usual exercises.

However, he wrote in his caption, “One of the cool things about having a generalistic approach fitness and movement is that you can get creative and play around with things like this 😁 to Human flag drop to handstand push-up.” In his latest post, he performed a human flag and then quickly moved to the movement, which was handstand, and then he rolled back and stood up. This happened so fast that nobody could believe it.

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Evidently, making a mark on the sport, he frequently shares his incredible and unbelievable stunts on his social media platforms. His new video created chaos on the web. His extraordinary efforts baffled fans.


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Fans were shocked by his flexibility

One person was really stunned by his performance and asked him shockingly, “Are you even Human? other reacted with the same expression “What is gravity? WOW!!!” The fans didn’t just stop there, one prayed for him and wrote, “What you reflect is pure willpower. Besides, you are a beautiful avatar. Blessings.”

The netizens were speechless with his astonishing feat. One user wrote, “God I have no words I just think you are incredible 🙌” another compared himself with Sondre and left a comment that read, “I’ve been doing calisthenics for a while but bro you are a God got damnnnnn,” Another mentioned about the physics and said, “You just keep defying those laws of physics, don’t you 🙌.”


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Got his inspiration from a YouTube video to challenge himself and later became a sensation on social media with over 458k followers on social media. What’s your opinion about this fabulously talented athlete? Let us know in the comments section below.

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