Amidst Thousands Wishing for Iranian Bodybuilder’s US VISA Clearance, Coach Milos Sarcev Still Has No Good News: “We Are Still Hoping and Praying”

Mr Olympia is the biggest competition in the bodybuilding world and is often considered the pinnacle of bodybuilding glory. Every athlete from all around the world dreams of holding the Sandow trophy in their hands at least once. However, sometimes, due to no fault of their own, some athletes miss out on their golden chance because of external factors.

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Iranian bodybuilder Behrooz Tabani might be one of them if he does not get his US visa. The winner of the 2023 Arnold Classic South America is in a difficult situation because he is facing a problem getting his visa for the competition, with just over two weeks left for Mr. O. Every veteran coach and even other bodybuilders are worried whether the Iranian icon will be able to participate or not. The Serbian bodybuilder and coach Milos Sarcev, aka The Mind, recently answered queries from fans regarding this. 

Milos Sarcev gives an update on Tabani’s situation


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The current situation is not new in Tabani’s life. Even in 2022, he faced a similar issue and could not participate in the contest due to immigration issues. Even last year, Sarcev had given updates about the situation and talked to the fans via social media. This time as well, he has some semblance of hope, but it is still uncertain.

He addressed the dilemma on Instagram and posted a picture of Tabani looking shredded on stage. He wrote in the caption, “For ALL of you that are messaging me and asking IF @behrouz_tabani got his US Visa – he did not! But, we are still hoping and praying for it. Of course – the moment it happens I will instantly inform you.” 

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A talented bodybuilder like Tabani not getting the chance to participate in Mr. Olympia just because of a visa has created an uproar among bodybuilding fans. Sarcev had previously uploaded a video of Tabani and shown his prowess to the fans. The poses he attempted in the video emphasized his jacked muscles and technique. Behrooz and his coach, Milos Sarcev, have already started a social media campaign so that the star gets to show his prowess on stage. Tabani himself addressed the issue and revealed his mental exhaustion regarding the whole situation.

Tabani feels dejected


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After standing on stage and competing against Wellington Fernando Baptista and Emir Omeragic, Behrooz Tabani won the Arnold Classic 2023. This victory gave him a direct ticket to Mr. Olympia, however, the impressive win could not secure his visa. 

Things are not looking smooth for the Iranian bodybuilder and he expressed his frustration just like his fans. He wrote on Instagram, “Oh my God, I’m tired… From this futility, from this impatience, from this hesitation, and these expectations.” His words reveal the desperation and zeal to perform at his best in the Olympia. He seemed disappointed and wrote further, “The regret of all this. God, I am tired of all these wasted wishes. I am tired of the ungrateful life…”


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Tabani’s struggle resembles the stress that many athletes from outside the USA go through. As Mr O slowly approaches and the countdown continues, the global community awaits the resolution of Tabani’s dilemma with anticipation. Do you think Tabani will be able to grace the Mr. Olympia stage? Let us know in the comments.

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