Amidst the Horrific Clash Between Israel-Palestine, 2X Mr. Olympia Stands Strong With the Countless Victims

The number of injured victims is getting cramped up on streets and only a fraction of them getting public. With the flooding images of one of the most grotesque incidents of our time, the whole world is in a whirl, unable to identify any way to help the war victims. The Israel-Palestine conflict is already decades old, but even so, the occasional raging throws the citizen from both sides into the most traumatic situations of their lives.

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In a circumstance so dreadful, bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler and Big Ramy had previously commented and sent their prayers for the victims. However, as more and more photos are getting leaked from the scenes of brutality, Ramy can’t restrain himself from bringing the topic again to people’s notice.

Big Ramy’s continuous support for the war victims


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After his initial supporting story, the two times Mr. Olympia, the Egyptian IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay speaks again. Elssbiay, popularly known as Big Ramy, is known for his extreme strength and power. He shared yet another heart-breaking post, trying to relate his sympathies for the same. In the story, it reverberated, “Gaza is being subjected to a genocide of children, women, and elders from families that have been erased from civil records, i.e. human rights, or the conscience of the Arab countries.

Furthermore, the story also portrayed extremely frightening pictures of children being badly injured. So much so that the contents might be too sensitive to certain netizens. The gravity of the situation thus has heightened to such intensity that normal people are finding it hard to even imagine the suffering the war victims are going through.

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Ramy had addressed the situation before. The photo he shared had scenes of the war. In it were flurrying their flags amidst thousands of injured people in the crowd. Let’s look at what he had to say initially. 

Big Ramy’s sympathy towards the war victims

In his earlier story, Ramy had shown extreme emotional moments. Instead of taking sides, he simply said his heartfelt words of support. He also regretted not being able to share the suffering. Thus, he wrote in his caption“I am not there physically but you are always in my prayers.” The Egyptian bodybuilder hence shows no inclination towards any political and spiritual adherence. 


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The world never ceases to draw blood. The reason never stays the same but the consequences do. It is high time that humanity must understand which things they should prioritize more and where human lives stand on that list. With the bodybuilding and fitness community integrating their prayers together, the world is getting aware and is sympathizing with the war victims of the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

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