Amidst Her Husband’s Hardcore Olympia Prep, Derek Lunsford’s Wife Has Her Own Physical Update: “My Eyes Are Currently Way Bigger Than My Stomach”

The world of bodybuilding and fitness is no stranger to physical transformations. Athletes dedicate countless hours in the gym, sculpting their physiques to perfection for those moments under the spotlight. Derek Lunsford, an eminent figure in this arena, is deep into his prep for Mr. Olympia, one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions.

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However, amidst his intense regimen, a new story of transformation emerges, not from Lunsford, but from his wife, Jhelsin Mabaga. Mabaga is a fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss and muscle building. She is also a physical therapist who uses online seminars to assist her clients live healthier lives.

Jhelsin Mabaga: Capturing her bumpdate along with her fitness


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Recently, Mabaga captured the hearts of many with a candid update on her Instagram. Adorning her post with a heartwarming picture, she proudly flaunted her 27-week pregnant belly in the gym’s setting. The photo, was accompanied by a delightful caption, “27 week bumpdate.”

Her post clearly showed her excitement and anticipation of motherhood. She compared her baby’s size to a cauliflower, mentioning that the baby weighs about 2 pounds. But it’s not just the picture that caught her followers’ attention; it’s her open sharing of her pregnancy experience. She talked about her energy levels, stating, “I get these little bursts of energy and then crash.” This is something many pregnant women can understand, as their bodies work hard to support the life growing inside them.

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Eating habits, a central topic in any pregnancy, get a spotlight too. Her comment, “My eyes are currently way bigger than my stomach,” reflects a light-hearted take on the increased appetite many pregnant women experience. Moreover, her mention of heavy breathing post-eating brings forth a realistic portrayal of the body’s adjustments to the expanding womb. However, beyond these physical experiences, there lies an even deeper journey.

Emotions and reflections


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Transitioning from the physical to the emotional, Mabaga gives her followers a sneak peek into her emotional landscape. For the most part, calmness prevails, but pregnancy hormones occasionally give rise to spontaneous emotional outbursts. She jestingly remarks how she’s often moved to tears watching other people’s baby videos.

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However, towards the end, she poses an endearing query, “What do you think? Is the baby looking like Derek or me?” And to add a touch of humor, she playfully points out that the baby seems to have inherited Lunsford’s lips.


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While Derek Lunsford’s Olympia prep dominates, Jhelsin Mabaga’s genuine portrayal of pregnancy brings warmth and relatability. Their parallel journeys, each demanding in its own right, exemplify life’s diverse yet equally significant transformations.

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