Amidst Countless Misconceptions, Arnold Schwarzenegger Clarifies Whether a 14-Year-Old “Girl or Boy” Can Go to the Gym or Not

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s newsletter enlightens over half a million village members with fitness principles and diet rituals that help enhance their well-being. Aside from sharing research-based information, Arnold Pump Club also answers the queries of fitness enthusiasts. 

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The bodybuilding world is filled with misconceptions about the right training regime, diet plan, and perfect age to start training. When Schwarzenegger is up for an Arnold Q&A, his fitness village never restrains from asking their queries. In the recent edition of the newsletter, the 76-year-old Arnie had some insightful answers to the questions posed to him. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger clarifies the right age to lift weights


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Inspired by Reg Park’s picture on the cover of a bodybuilding magazine, the Austrian Oak started lifting weights at 15. Since then, he has never stopped pumping iron despite injuries and health issues. But the fitness community often lives in apprehension, debating the right age to lift weights. In the recent newsletter edition, two young fitness enthusiasts posed similar questions.

I’m a 14 and i want to improve my body, should I start going to the gym at this age?” a village member asked. Another teenager enquired, “How do I start going to the gym as a 14 year old girl?” Arnold Schwarzenegger had a simple answer for both of them. “Whether you’re a girl or boy, at 14, you can start training. I recommend starting with some things you can do at home,the 7x Mr. Olympia wrote

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The bodybuilder who won Mr. Universe at 20 cited his example and suggested that teenagers begin with pull-ups, sit-ups, knee bends, and pushups. The bodybuilding legend also advised the youngsters to get into a training routine before getting a gym membership. Stressing the importance of consistency, Arnie added, “The most important thing for improving your body is not some of the extreme suggestions these TikTok and Instagram influencers talk about. It is the routine. It is showing up every day.” Earlier, the Twins icon answered a similar query from a parent perspective. 

The Austrian Oak advice for parents who want to train their children


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daily gym sessions at 76 are a testimony to his undying passion for fitness. So, who better than Arnie to clarify fitness-related doubts? Earlier this year, a Reddit user asked the father of five about the right age to introduce children to a workout routine. 

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I think letting your kids see you train from a very early age is important. I have photos of my kids as toddlers sitting in my lap while I do rows,” The Terminator icon responded. Arnie further suggested that parents should help children start with “bodyweight moves” before introducing weight training. “Don’t force it. It has to be fun, and they have to decide to do it,” Schwarzenegger noted at the end. 


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is an ultimate example of fitness, and his advice can help many walk on the wellness path. Do you agree with this? Let us know in the comments below.

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