Amid Heated Divorce Battle With Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas Pumps Muscles Backstage While Claiming He Is in the “Right Place”

Joe Jonas of the ‘Jonas Brothers’ is in the midst of a huge divorce from his beau, Sophie Turner. The musician, 34, and the Game of Thrones star, 27, recently announced their separation after four years of marriage. The couple posted their decision on social media, and later, the member of ‘Jonas Brothers’ also announced it at his LA concert. Even in this chaos, he does not forget his fitness routine in between tours.

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During the recent concert of The Tour at Bridgestone Arena, the Cake by the Ocean singer uploaded some stories on Instagram that included him pumping his muscles. Among the stories was also a cryptic message that perhaps pointed at his life turmoils.

Joe Jonas suggests he is in the right place


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The Tour, which kicked off in August, is in its second lap now, and the ‘Jonas Brothers’ are taking the USA by storm. During this festive time, Joe Jonas announced his divorce from Sophie Turner, and they are also going through a fight for custody of their two children, Willa, 3, and Delphine, 15 months. Even during this turmoil, the singer was seen doing pull-ups backstage in his Instagram story. He even gave a cryptic message that was written on a mirror, stating, “I am at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.”

Turner even allegedly sued her estranged husband for wrongful retention of their kids, alleging that he was withholding their children’s passports and not allowing them to return to England. However, they reached an agreement to keep both children in New York. In between this and the tour, Joe Jonas seems to be insinuating that he is in the “right place.”

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He never disappoints the fans, even though his personal life might be in shambles, but he keeps his fitness in check. Concerts are very stressful physically and mentally, and Joe Jonas does not compromise his health and works out even while waiting backstage. He had revealed his 30-minute workout in the past, which helps him stay shredded.


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Joe Jonas stays lean with this 30-minute workout

In 2019, Joe Jonas shared about how his 30-minute workout helped him stay shredded for concerts. According to Men’s Health, he uploaded a workout video demonstrating the exercises that he performs every morning.

The workout comprises 2 minutes of jump rope and 1 minute of another exercise, performed for a total of 10 rounds. He also did push-ups, pull-ups, and dumbbell exercises.


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The video was filmed as a part of the Jonas Brothers’ documentary, Moments Between the Moments. What do you think of his mindset toward keeping fit even in this hard time? Let us know in the comments.

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