American Comedian Exposes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Previously Unknown Trait, Learned After A Personal Experience With Him Once: “Slept Through The Whole Movie”

The greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a major name in both the history of bodybuilding as a sport, as well as in the entertainment industry. Making his name well known after exceptionally popularizing characters like Conan and Terminator, the 76-year-old former bodybuilder is one of the most popular personalities in the field of entertainment.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has won 7 Mr. Olympia and millions of hearts. On stage, he looks like one of the fiercest men alive. However, as the fans get to hear about his off-stage, persona, they are often surprised. Arnie once invited the American actor and comedian Dax Shepard into his own theatre. Shepard’s story is something that every fan would be happy about.

Dax Shepard and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the latter’s theater


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In a candid conversation on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dax Shepard is seen speaking about Schwarzenegger. In the YouTube video, Shepard dictated a story from the time when Arnie invited him over for a movie. He tells Jimmy how that incident will forever be carved in his memory. He stated, “The Zenith of the experience was he invited me to his house to watch a movie, in like his movie theater”.

Shepard then recalled that despite everyone paying full attention to the movie, Arnie had other ideas. He reminisced, “He sat in the front row. And about six minutes into the program, he goes all… he sleeps through the whole movie, wakes up with like six minutes left.”

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Schwarzenegger was a jolly person and still continues to be as he proceeds towards old age. When Arnie understood that he can no longer train as he used to do, he made a sad statement.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s age concerns him

When Schwarzenegger was once asked whether he ever freaked out at the fact that his body had turned against him, his reply was dismal. He said, “Absolutely.” He also added to his statement, “Just before I turned 50, I had the heart surgery. That’s when, I kind of afterwards, kind of came out of it, and I said, you’re now damaged goods. This is the first time where I felt kind of like vulnerable.”

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For a bodybuilder, it is extremely hard to see his physique slowly fade away. Still, at the age of 76, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still considered one of the fittest men in his age range. How hard do you think it is to maintain an aging body? Let us know in the comments below.


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