“Always Helped Him With Women”: Friend of Legendary Bodybuilder Whom Arnold Schwarzenegger Discovered on the Beach Reveals Unseen Side of ‘Michael Jackson of Bodybuilding’

Arnold Schwarzenegger has indeed been one of the biggest pioneers in the world of bodybuilding. He has not only changed the entire spectrum of the sport, but has also helped a lot of talented individuals to come under the limelight and create magic in the realm. The legendary bodybuilder, who is also known as the Michael Jackson of bodybuilding was one among them, whom Arnold Schwarzenegger discovered on the beach and turned him into what he is today.

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Well, on one hand, it was already existing legends like Arnie, and on the other hand, it was motivation from his bosom friends to hit the gym and help them acquire better aesthetics that helped Tony Pearson. However, despite the detailed knowledge about the sport, Pearson had a rather weak point, that was recently unraveled by one of his friends.

Fabio Lanzoni helped Tony Pearson with girls


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The official YouTube page of Generation Iron Fitness Network shared a snippet of their interview with Fabio Lanzoni, where he spoke about the intense training sessions he had with his dear friend Tony Pearson. Being one of the most decorated models, it is a rather ardent task for Lanzoni to be perfect, and well, to add to the bonus, he enjoys working out, especially when it comes to training with Tony Pearson.

Well, while Tony Pearson helped him get better at the gym, he helped him with something that he was not great at – girls, as he was a rather shy person. Fabio said, “He was giving me tips on working out and you know I always helped him out with women. Like I say, he was very gentle and very shy.”

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Tony Pearson has always been an extremely shy individual, and this has not only lacked him with girls but has also delayed his dreams of becoming famous someday, and thus his journey to success took more time than it actually should have. His story will also be featured in his upcoming documentary film, which is being directed by Andrew Menjivar.


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Tony Pearson’s journey to becoming the Michael Jackson of bodybuilding

The documentary film that is based on how Tony Pearson, despite all his struggles, rose from the ashes like a Phoenix, is called “Driven: The Tony Pearson Story”. It discloses the hurdles that the legendary bodybuilder had to face, using his own voice for the narration. The trailer released by Generation Iron starts by featuring him while he works out in the gym, and as the video progresses, he takes the audience back to his days of childhood and his journey to becoming a professional bodybuilder.

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The initial years of his career were extremely challenging, and it was in his teenage years that he finally decided to move from the comfort of his hometown to Los Angeles, and that is where his journey began. In the documentary, he said, “I became a professional bodybuilder. I won a few World titles. That’s not a whole story. How did everything turn against me? The whole world turned on me. I don’t know why. Go. Why did you fight so hard?” Well, his journey might seem easy, but it was one of the toughest and the documentary unravels it. What are your expectations of the film? Let us know in the comments section below!

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