Although Recently Retired, Bodybuilder Vouches for His Friend Aka 266 Lbs Nigerian Monster to Bring Home the Mr. Olympia Title: “What Lasts Won’t Come Easy”

The preparations for Mr. Olympia 2023 are making progress with every passing day. Everything seems to be on track before this marvelous bodybuilding championship. Be it a legendary figure or aspiring bodybuilding with a dream to unlock Olympia, everyone is gearing up hard for the competition. 

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In a fresh development from the bodybuilding world, An IFBB professional retired bodybuilder with an abundance of wisdom on health and fitness seems to be confident about his buddy’s victory in Mr. Olympia this year. He counts and values every effort he makes to be victorious in the competition. 

Retired bodybuilding legend cheers his friend


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Following the 2023 Arnold Classic, the professional bodybuilder William Bonac announced that he’s taking a break for a year and plans to make a comeback at the 2024 Arnold Classic. However, his passion for training is still the same way as it was during his golden career. Though he has not got any competition to win, he seems to be super excited for Olympia for one of his friends, Andrew Jacked, a Nigerian IFBB professional bodybuilder who is going to fight an uphill battle in Olympia. In an Instagram, he posted a video in which he is training. Along with the video, he posted a caption that said, “What comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy.!”

Bonac began working out at the age of 13 to relieve stress, and it took him nearly 20 years to finally step onto the Mr. Olympia stage in 2016. He has made incredible contributions to the fitness world. He is one of the most recognized bodybuilding figures for his unmatched hard work and determination.

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In addition to his shredded physique, he has a positive mindset that can clearly be seen in his recent post for his friend Andrew Jacked, who is soon going to compete in Olympia 2023. Along with this, in 2022, William Bonac is gearing up hard for this glorious bodybuilding Olympia contest with a firm aim to achieve it. In order to make the dream come true, he pushed his limits and adopted a routine of intense workouts.

Bonac unveils the probability of his retirement in an unusual way

He posted a photo of his well-defined body on his Instagram account, showing he’s in excellent shape for the Olympia. In 2022, he was just a few weeks away from the 2022 Mr. Olympia competition. His Instagram post had a caption that hinted the fact that whether he should follow his haters or rivals or retire from the industry. The caption said, “… Or just do my nah sayers a favor (haters) & just go 4 retirement??,” his caption stated. The Ghanaian native further mentioned the prestigious Arnold Classics. He said, “What’s next? @arnoldsports?? Tik tik, Only 8 weeks left!!.” Talking about his last year’s record in Olympia, he said, William Bonac secured a ninth position in the recent Mr. Olympia last year. 


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Ahead of Olympia 2023, Bonac encouraged his friend, Andrew Jacked, to bring the Olympia title home. He recently shared a video of his training along with a heartfelt note for his dearest friend, Andrew. What do you think of it?

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