Already a 240 Lbs Behemoth at 21, Bodybuilder Labels His Relationship With With One Specific Exercise as “Passionate but Toxic”

The bodybuilding fame transgressed from the Mr. Olympia stage to the social media scene in the recent past. The only way to become a famous bodybuilder earlier was through competitions, but now bodybuilders are famous as fitness influencers online. The most viral of them all is Sam Sulek. The 21-year-old is known for his ripped physique and often gets criticized for a mammoth buildup due to alleged PED usage. 

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But the 240-pound monster is unconcerned about trolls and hits the gym with unfaltering enthusiasm. In one of his gym videos, the young icon spilled beans on the squat routine.

Sam Sulek revealed his connection to squats


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Bodybuilders focus on all muscles of the body to build a ripped physique. Each muscle group requires a specific workout routine to bulk up, and squats are amazing for quads. But Sulek can’t push beyond a limit during weighted squats.

A YouTube channel, Sam Sulek Clips, shared a video of the 21-year-old bodybuilder pushing hard to finish the last weighted squat of a set at the gym. In the short video, Sulek exclaims, “Oh my God! I’m not doing another set of squats; that was really good.” Revealing how hard it is to ace that last squat, the icon confessed, “That had to be 99.9% effort on that last one; I didn’t think I was gonna make it.

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Sam Sulek was done for the day with squats and moved to leg extensions before adding, “My relationship with squats is passionate but toxic. You know, we kind of cross paths, and then I’m done.” The clip reflects Sulek’s understanding of his limits. Another instance when he revealed his bodybuilding tactics was while speaking about his joint health.

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The reason behind 21-year-old’s bulking up


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Sam Sulek was a professional diver before he got inspired by CBum and chose bodybuilding. His popularity on the internet is rare for a 21-year-old. But he is often criticized for bulking up heavily. However, Sam Sulek has his reasons for building great mass.

So when I’m fully bulked, my joints love it. It is almost impossible for me to get tender knees. Unless I squat upwards, of five plates, and that same thing for my elbows on pushdowns,” he once confessed.


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Despite constant criticism by bodybuilding fans and elite coaches like Greg Doucette, Sam Sulek is not taking his bodybuilding dream lightly. His YouTube videos are evidence of his fitness journey. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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