After Skateboarding Left Him Injured, 181 Lbs Rapstar Opts for Physically Grueling Sports Practiced by Joe Rogan to Stay Fit

The world of fitness and entertainment are closely connected, both often intermingle and are not separate from each other. While the singers and rappers spend hours and hours performing on stage, their fitness becomes a chief element of the test. Unless one is quite fluid with thorough fitness, they wouldn’t be able to pull off a smooth performance at their own concerts.

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The 36-year-old Rap master, Wiz Khalifa, is primarily known for his music. The avid skateboarder, who extensively practices his skills in his free time, had been trending. However, after his injury from skating, his lifestyle has changed slightly.

Wiz Khalifa and his new sports indulgence


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In a video by Men’s Health, Wiz Khalifa talks about the various other sports he has been opting for after years of extensive Skateboarding. After he got an injury from it, he did not entirely give up. Instead, like Joe Rogan, he explored the world of Martial Arts. He deliberately talks about how the old sport is not serving him much anymore, and this new venture feels more effective for him. He pronounced, “My main thing is Mixed Martial Arts, you know.”

Furthermore, he lists down all the MMA branches that interest him to no end. According to him, it ranges a lot. He noted down, “Wrestling, Jiu Jutsu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai”. Moreover, he mentioned, “Those are the sports that I’m into now”.

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As a Rapper, Khalifa has always been a sensation. However, his skateboard practice is equally commendable. As he moved on to a new area of interest, he also reminisced about his older love.


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Wiz Khalifa’s skateboard journey

In the video, Khalifa shared various aspects of his career and its journey. When he is asked, “What’s the most challenging move you still want to master on your skateboard?” Wiz gave an unexpected reply. He stated that he is done challenging himself as he is already 36. Now he just plans to master his moves. He uttered, “I don’t have any business you know, flipping it, twirling it, hitting it”.

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Pursuing MMA is likely a great change in Khalifa’s lifestyle. He continues to be a really dominant influence on the society. His varied ventures would always call for much attention and support from his fans. Do you believe his indulgence in the MMA would help him improve his fitness? Let us know your opinion on the rapper’s latest fascination.

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