After Sharing Rivalry for Years, Jay Cutler Recalls How Ronnie Coleman Would “Freak” People Out in Clubs With His ‘Popping Veins’ and Sartorial Fashion Choice

Bodybuilders and their journey have been an inspiration to the world for many decades. People admire them for their achievements and their humbleness toward other human beings. However, the least talked about topic about these bodybuilders is their taste in fashion. Have you ever paid attention to their fashion sense? Well, as unique as they are, their style also differs from person to person. Bodybuilding behemoth Jay Cutler recalled his style from the time when he used to compete and also talked about his then-rival Ronnie Coleman’s style of clothing.

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The 4x Mr. Olympia, in his recent video series of JayWalking, uploaded onto his YouTube channel. He opens up about the style statements they followed whenever they were on tour for guest posing.

Jay Cutler and Coleman’s Fashion from the early 2000s


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The video started with Cutler sharing his experience with his latest visit to Los Angeles, and he said that he met Ronnie Coleman. then the conversation revolved around bodybuilders’ fashion sense. Cutler said in the video, “NPC used to have…. they matched the bottom, you know, the baggy pants, and remember Ronnie had every color. they had yellows and yeah greens. That’s what Ronnie wore when he traveled and those when we finished guest posing.”  He said Coleman used to wear this kind of outfit where the top and bottom were matching and they come in bright colors.

He then reminisced about a time when they both went to club-hopping. Cutler further said, “Ronnie would walk in his veins or you know he was 300 we’re 300 pounds you know I would bring jeans but Ronnie would just wear that he doesn’t care like people would freak, man, you know. But think about those styles, crazy out of style”.


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Former rivals meet under one roof

He delved deep into this and made a little comparison between the style he used to follow and what he wears now. Cutler said, “Remember I used to wear the big baggy frumpy, and now everything’s like joggers, like tight”. Earlier, the rival bodybuilders met in a sort of a reunion with Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, and Ronnie Coleman coming together at the Bodybuilding Fite expo at the Anaheim Conventional Center.

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Cutler later called on him and said, “You made me cry.” Heath was laughing at the conversation heartily. Cutler said, “I cried.”  After the reunion, all the guests wished Cutler, who was celebrating his 50th birthday. What do you think of their meet-up? Let us know in the comment section.

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