After Saving F45 From the Verge of Bankruptcy, $400 Million Rich Mark Wahlberg Unleashes “Most Difficult” Challenge for Fitness Freaks

Hollywood action star Mark Wahlberg is a huge bodybuilding enthusiast and has an amazing chiseled body. Marky Mark who had started out as a platinum-selling musician changed his career to become an actor, and now he is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur who is branching out his business into fitness. The 52-year-old Hollywood star has always loved fitness and his idea of fitness has evolved over the years. The actor has a fitness franchise called F45 that he saved from bankruptcy and now it is a $1.4 billion company.

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His company has started the Wahlberg week that is going to go on from October 2 to October 8. This is a special training week that he participates in along with his company F45. In this weeklong training regimen, fitness freaks, work out with the actor and try to fulfill their fitness goals. This time Wahlberg revealed that it is going to be a huge challenge.

Mark Wahlberg gears up for a new challenge


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In a recent Instagram video, the actor-turned-bodybuilder showed the progress with Wahlberg week where everyone is working out in the gym hand-in-hand and exercise is in full swing. The Unchartered actor gives a glimpse of the kind of exercises done for the week, and how challenging it gets gradually.

He started off the video by saying that the people participating in the challenge needed to be mentally determined as well since this workout was going to be harder. According to him, they needed to work out for 90 seconds straight and also do two-minute sets of straight workouts. He said in the video while talking about the last part of the week that it was, “The most difficult challenging week.”  He also revealed that if the people succeed in achieving their goals in this week then that is something to be proud of. 

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Wahlberg said, “This is where people want to celebrate their hard work for reaching their fitness goal one workout at a time.” Since the middle of the week is the halfway point, it gets more difficult, and people need more power in order to complete the goals. Wahlberg Week is only for the brave hearts and the actor shows how challenging but fulfilling it is. F45 is not just a company that he saved from going down but is a lifelong pursuit since he is devoted to fitness.


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Fitness is a lifelong goal of Mark

People magazine had caught up with Wahlberg ahead of his Wahlberg week where he trains his personal clients himself. This event also helped the company to get millions of dollars and rise up in the industry again. 

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The chief brand officer of F45 revealed how over the years, his approach to fitness has changed. While the Ted star still prioritizes strength training, another very common and effective exercise is avoided by him. He revealed, “Cardio days are tough for me.” Since he’s concentrating more on longevity, the actor’s workout has become more functional.


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The actor who loves working out at 4 a.m. said, “Before it was about aesthetic… Now, I want to live a long time.” The Wahlberg Week is at its end and this becomes more challenging as everyone participates in it and is eager to reach their goals. Would you ever take up a challenging training routine like the Wahlberg Week? Tell us in the comments below.

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