After Previously Bashing 21-YO Fitness Influencer for Steroid Use, Coach Greg Shares Harsh Opinion on His ‘Post-workout Meal’

In the ever-evolving realm of fitness and nutrition, personalities often clash with ideologies and practices. Recently, IFBB pro bodybuilding coach Greg Doucette brought this to light when he openly shared his opinion on the post-workout meal of 21-year-old fitness influencer Sam Sulek.

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Having previously criticized Doucette for alleged steroid use, in his video, Doucette acknowledged Sulek’s age, suggesting that at 21, he still has a lot to understand about nutrition. He critiqued Sulek’s choice of post-workout meals, particularly focusing on the calorie content and its potential effect on dieting.

Greg Doucette: Myths about post-workout nutrition


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According to Doucette, there’s a prevalent misconception regarding eating immediately post-workout. He dispelled the myth, stating that it’s perfectly okay to delay food intake even up to an hour post-workout. He highlighted that muscle protein synthesis isn’t exclusively tied to immediate post-exercise nutrition.

In a twist, while many fitness influencers advocate for an instant protein shake, Doucette suggested the opposite. The actual choice of the meal, however, drew most of Doucette’s ire. Sulek’s shift from a bulking phase to a cutting phase, in Doucette’s view, seemed to involve extreme alterations in food choices.

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While Sulek was once consuming calorie-rich foods like ramen and ground beef, he now opts for lower-calorie alternatives like lean turkey. Doucette emphasized the importance of protein intake. He noted that Sulek’s goal of averaging 250 grams of protein a day is sensible. But, where Sulek uses basic ingredients like turkey, mustard, and lettuce for his sandwich, Doucette suggests there’s a lack of balance and flavor. Transitioning from the specifics of Sulek’s diet, a broader nutritional misconception warrants attention.

The keto myth and the dangers of Yo-Yo dieting in fitness


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One major issue Doucette raised was the misconception surrounding ‘keto’ products. He emphasized that “keto” doesn’t necessarily equate to “low calorie.” He pointed out that while these products might be low in carbs, they often contain high fats, which have more calories per gram.

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This sentiment is specifically seen when Doucette examined the bread Sulek uses. Labelled as “keto-friendly,” it appears to be misunderstood. Many people don’t always consider the calorie content from fibers, especially soluble fibers, and thus underestimate their caloric intake.


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Greg Doucette’s critique of young influencer Sam Sulek offers a stark reminder about the importance of informed nutritional choices. Beyond the initial steroid controversy, the debate on post-workout meals underscores the need for sustainable, science-backed dietary practices for long-term health and success.

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