After Multiple Hernia Surgeries, the 7x Mr. Olympia Legend Turns to Training Methods Followed by Hollywood A-Listers

In the world of bodybuilding, athletes often prioritize building a winning physique and sometimes overlook their overall health. This can lead to various injuries and health problems. The seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, experienced a hernia during the 2017 Olympia competition. He promptly sought medical attention when the opportunity arose.

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After winning the coveted title for the seventh time, he suspected something was off. But it didn’t affect his prep or his performance. Evidently, he was diagnosed with a double hernia and operated it within a week after he won the SANDOW trophy in 2017. He recently opened up about his recovery from the surgery and the technique he used, which is most likely to be followed by Hollywood celebrities.

Phil Heath’s change of routine made him stronger


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A snippet of an interview shared by Mr. Olympia LLC on their Instagram page. Heath shared a new profound workout routine that helped him post-surgery recovery. He said, “My routine consists of two days of actual Pilates.


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The bodybuilding giant mentioned, “It’s very different, but I’m actually enabling my body to have a different type of neurofeedback because I noticed, like after I had a couple of hernia surgeries, that my core was suffering dramatically.” To build his core strength back “It wasn’t just gonna come from doing planks” said Heath.

He further added, “I’m trying to increase the neuroplasticity of my brain because of all the medications that I’m taking with Transcend. I just wanna do it all.” To be in his best shape, he hired a professional Pilates instructor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The instructor helped him to do pilates exercises, which made his body stronger and more flexible than before.


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A bodybuilder who knows his deeds

Along with the pilates, he delves into different cardio exercises, which include regular walking for 60 minutes. He does this by either walking outside or in the gym on a treadmill. This really helped him stay fit. The Gift who is known for his never-give-up nature turned his fear into a winning prodigy and changed his routine completely. Despite competing, he added different workouts for two days of pilates and other cardio exercises. Like walking, jogging, high knees, skipping, turning to the side, Cariocas, and running backward on the treadmill.

The legendary bodybuilder has always been kind and generous with people. He’s been openly advocating to choose a healthy life over extreme achieving. Recently he’s been collecting funds for his friend. He mentioned in a social media post, “Tad is in the hospital with 5% of his kidney function and he’s on dialysis” a critical yet draining process. The post shared by Heath contains a snapshot of a fundraising campaign. The fundraiser’s goal is $50,000.


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It’s not just one person with health issues; it shows that many bodybuilders face tough times. Even though bodybuilding seems exciting, it comes with a lot of sacrifices.

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