After ‘Losing His Way’ During COVID-19, Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Fiance Alex Rodriguez Opens Up on Rebuilding His Health and Physique at Age 48

Covid-19 came with a lot of uncertainty and challenges for people across the globe. Among those who faced a difficult time during the pandemic was a former MLB player, Alex Rodriguez, ex-fiance of pop star Jennifer Lopez. However, the couple called off their engagement in 2021. However, in his recent interview, he opened up about how he overcame and pursued his fitness and mental health.

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The pandemic had a severe impact on the world, many are still suffering from their losses. However, the Baseball player shared an inspiring story of how he managed to get his life back. Earlier he appeared on the Jennifer Hudson Show, and the short video of their interview was uploaded to YouTube.

The pandemic taught Alex Rodriguez that life is uncertain


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Rodriguez disclosed despite the odds, he embarked on his fitness and self-improvement journey. He stated that “what happened was right around the pandemic. I think we all kind of were very nervous.” Like many others, he was too afraid of the situation because he was a “social person. I like people. I love people,” said A-Rod.

While referring to the pandemic he expressed, “and I was so stressed between you know being in LA in Miami being a CEO of two companies and lost you know lost my way a little bit started gaining some weight um wasn’t focusing on my health.” He didn’t let these fears overshadow him. Instead, he decided he would fight back against the mental and physical health he’d been facing.

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The father of two shared his routine which constantly follows to be in shape, as he illustrated in the video his morning starts with a determination to not touch his mobile phone till noon because he’s been taking care of not only his physical but mental health as well.


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The reasonable routine he follows

In addition, The former MLB player said, “So from the time I wake up I’m in the gym at 8: work out for couple of hours come home do a little sauna a little steam stretch meditate, and then I’m on my desk every day from 12:00 to 6:00 and I come home.” He sets quite reasonable schedule for him. It’s not just the routine he changed, but he also made sure to eat healthy.

He cut out some unhealthy foods, like steak, from his diet. The other thing he embraced by adding a 45-minute walk after dinner. These simple yet extremely beneficial steps, he added, helped him improve his overall lifestyle.


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The significant changes he made in his late 40s were difficult, but he was concerned about his health. His fitness journey is proof that there’s no age limit to pursue a healthy lifestyle. What’s your take on his recent revelation? Let us know in the comments below.

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