After Fans Repeatedly Pointed Out This Peculiarity, Chris Bumstead Reveals Why He Prefers Training in Socks

Mr. Olympia 2023 is a couple of weeks away, and the excitement of this event is reaching its highest point. Every bodybuilder is killing in the gym. The reigning champion in Classic Physique Division Chris Bumstead is also training rigorously.

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Recently, he even worked with former IFBB pro and his coach Iain Valliere. Their fans were really thrilled with the alliance. CBum is updating his workout regimes regularly, and with his latest post, he received many questions related to his fitness and everything. But one interesting question caught his attention as well.

Chris Bumstead unveils the reason behind wearing socks while training


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People frequently asked the Canadian bodybuilder why he only worked in socks and not in shoes like other people. He certainly opened up about his socks’ preferences over shoes. He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, where he talked about his morning routine and revealed the reason behind him wearing socks while training.

I’m just going to mention these really quick. You guys know me I’m a sneaker-head. I love nice, shoes but they F**k my feet up,” says the king of aesthetics. While answering he also showed his new shoes which looked really awesome, he shared every detail of the shoe “This is Calvin’s pain with a Fu**g fog out here but uh these are called zeros or x e r o I have these LMS and Vivo Barefoot. I’ve tried them all. These are my favorite they’re like a Barefoot shoe with a wide toe base.

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He continued and explained he likes to walk and train without shoes because it’s hard for him to find wide-toed shoes that fit comfortably. He not only does intense training this way, but also does cardio without shoes to let his feet and toes breathe.

Bumstead’s 45 minutes cardio routine

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Afterward, he began his session, at the beginning he went on the treadmill. During his treadmill walk, he alluded to “just wake up every morning like I said just water a little bit of breath work 45 minutes of cardio and that’s all my cardio right now literally all I’m doing to do a little bit of a warm up for some leg days.


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He further mentioned that he has a clear vision of winning the title again for the fifth time. In one of his old interviews, he confidently claimed that he would defend his title again this time. We’ll have to wait and see who emerges as the winner in Classic Physique Division. Share your opinion of whom you’re rooting for this year.

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