After Beating Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Workout Session, 81-YO Legend Who Ushered Symmetry Era, Proudly Brags About It to 54-YO Bodybuilding Hunk

Just like any other industry, the bodybuilding arena saw a huge transformation in the 1950s and 1980s. the bodybuilding circuit witnessed several veterans come from different backgrounds to try their luck in the industry. More than sports, this branch was seen as a different category with many rules that would be amended later on.

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In these times, the bodybuilding world saw some enigmatic souls and vigorous rivalry with proper electric tension to hype up the audience. Such a rivalry was seen between Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they would often give blockbuster headlines to the media with their electrifying on-stage chemistry. Mike O’Hearn and Adam Jablin got a chance to relive those moments by hearing Frank Zane speak about his own experience from the yesteryears. He disclosed how he beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in the most basic exercise.

Frank Zane recalls beating Arnold in a very common exercise


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While speaking about diets and training regimes in The Mike O’Hearn Show, Mike asked  ‘The Chemist’ about his go-to exercises. O’Hearn talked about how he loved behind-the-neck presses and squats. Zane did not leave the opportunity to pull the young bodybuilder’s leg and said that he says the 54-year-old does neck press with a whopping 315 lbs.

O’Hearn justified that it was a light day at the gym and Jablin chimed in with a laugh. Zane was impressed by the weight the Titan used to do his ‘light day’ exercise and admitted that he could never use that much weight for exercises. However, Zane said that he was the best at squats and recalled that he was better than his rival. The 3-time Mr. Olympia winner said, “I was a better squatter than Arnold I could do 10 reps with 405 and he did eight.” O’Hearn was astonished at the accuracy of the numbers and exclaimed, “You still remember it,” to which Zane replied, “Oh yeah I remember that.”

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The 81-year-old then concluded, “I was always a good squatter.” So, ‘The Chemist’ knew for sure that he was a better squatter than the Austrian Oak. Back in the day, Zane winning a competition had also left the Terminator anguished.

The Austrian Oak passed a snide comment on Zane after losing to him


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In the 1968 Mr. Universe, Frank Zane won due to his peak conditioning. While Zane considered Arnie a budding bodybuilder, the 7-time Mr. Olympia was in complete shock and complained, “I just got beat by a chicken with 17-inch arms.”

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Even though the comment was snide, the duo became good friends after a while. The Golden Era of bodybuilding had witnessed some of the most electrifying rivalries and physiques. Arnie and Zane still hold the most important space in this industry and in the hearts of the bodybuilding fans. 


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The recent memory from Zane makes the Golden Era more exciting to remember, and one new incident was added to the vault of the best era in bodybuilding. What do you think of this rivalry? Tell us in the comments below!

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