After a Career Ending Shoulder Injury in 2021, 300 Lbs Dutch Bodybuilding Beast Went Through a Painful Surgery to Get Better

Pain is the harsh reality of life – be it physical or mental, bodybuilders have to endure both. For some, it can be temporary and for some, it can be for a lifetime. In the realm of bodybuilding, it is an extremely common feeling, often caused by intense workouts and training. In the race to stand out from the rest, the bodybuilding icons never leave any stone unturned in attaining Olympia-winning bodies. They do everything to give the best shot for success. 

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Among many prominent bodybuilding gems, Roelly Winklaar is well-recognized for his alluring ripped body. His beast-looking personality got him various titles and awards – New York Pro 2010, Chicago Pro 2013, and Nordic Pro 2012. With years of hard work, he managed to reach the apex of his career; however, it didn’t take him long to fall off it due to injuries and health issues. As injury has led to body discomfort and pain, he has decided to take a step to liberate himself from this unbearable pain.

Roelly Winklaar wants to end his relationship with pain


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In a heart-wrenching video uploaded by Roelly Winklaar’s official channel, the bodybuilding legend has finally taken the step to alleviate his constant pain triggered by a shoulder injury. Due to strict training, bodybuilding is bound to face some injuries, and this is what Winklaar went through recently. He planned a journey to visit Brazil where his should surgery will take place. 

In his YouTube video, he first greeted all of his fans and followers and then, began to talk by saying don’t ask me more about what’s happening with me exactly. Soon afterward, he seemed distraught and expressed his inability to discontinue the training since he had been diagnosed with a muscle injury. “ don’t train like more than a year I don’t train anymore why because I have a shoulder injury that’s going on already two years and exactly last year it completely stopped I had to stop because too much pain.” he said.

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Introducing the doctor, the Nordic Pro 2012 winner said, “I have too much pain um maybe the doctor can explain exactly what I have and what he gonna do so people know what I have and we will see if it’d be better or not.” Moreover, the doctor shared his opinion about it and said, “Winklar have a lot of pain and restriction of the range of motion and we’ll do an arthroscopy to fix the osteoarthritis.” 


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In addition to a shoulder injury, a terrible accident had also been written to the bodybuilding champ’s fate that led to unwanted consequences.

A Horrible Accident became an addition to Winklaar’s setbacks

In a recent podcast, Winklaar was joined by two other bodybuilding icons. On the show, they had a discussion about Riley Winklar’s accident that took place in 2007. That accident became a turning point in his life. It broke him then, built him later, and once again in 2021-22, bothered his career. Recalling his life-threatening disease, he said, “I got in a very bad car accident, very bad accident, where I almost lose my eyes and half of my arm was–damaged.” 


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The bodybuilding champ, Roelly Winklaar, has been going through one of the toughest times of his life. To get rid of muscle pain, he decided to undergo shoulder surgery. Are you with him at this time? let’s us know below.

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