After 94-Year-Old Bodybuilder Went Viral, Arnold Schwarzenegger Found Out He Was His On-stage Rival From the 60s: “Didn’t Know It Was You”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is among the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Despite being 76, the former Mr. Olympia still works out at Gold’s Gym regularly. He also publishes a daily fitness newsletter to help people incorporate fitness into their lives. Hence, it makes him happy to see elderly people staying in touch with fitness. Such was the case when he came to know about a 94-year-old man who still works out regularly.

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In July, City News covered the story of a 94-year-old retired bodybuilder. Despite his age, the man showcases exceptional fitness, and the news went viral. Intrigued by the story, Schwarzenegger read more about the inspirational man. However, when he learned the name of the person, he was pleasantly surprised.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with his old bodybuilding rival


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The retired bodybuilder was Vic Downs, who crossed paths with Arnold Schwarzenegger during the 1966 Mr. Universe. Back then, a young and talented Arnold Schwarzenegger was already rubbing shoulders with men much older than him on stage. During the NABBA 1966 Mr. Universe, the young Austrian nearly defeated the more experienced competition, placing second to Chester Yorton.

However, the one who walked away with the bronze medal was none other than the viral 94-year-old. When Arine first read about Downs, he only found his age and not his name. However, when he learned the 94-year-old was Vic Downs, he immediately remembered their on-stage showdown in 1966. A week after Downs went viral, Schwarzenegger connected with him via FaceTime.

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The seven-time Mr. Olympia revealed how surprised he felt to learn about Downs after so many decades. “I thought this is really great that the guy is 94 and he’s still working out with weights… I did not know it was you…” Arnie told Downs. However, when he learned the name, the 76-year-old told himself, “Downs was a guy I was competing with.” Hence, Schwarzenegger made it a point to get in touch with his old rival. So, what does Vic Downs’s fitness routine look like now?

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A living example of the result of discipline

During their conversation, Schwarzenegger said he remembers Downs for his physique and ab genetics. While the English-born bodybuilder left competitive bodybuilding decades ago, he still approaches fitness with a champion’s mindset. For the past 25 years, Vic Downs has worked out at the YMCA at 6 a.m. After an hour of weight training, he heads back home.
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“I have breakfast, and I sleep, and then I come back here by 9 a.m,” Downs told City News in July. However, working out is not the only good part of the former bodybuilder’s routine. Downs also flow a consistent and clean diet of eggs, cottage cheese, tuna, and more.


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While Arnold Schwarzenegger was impressed to know about the 94-year-old bodybuilder, he had no idea it would turn out to be a rival from the golden era.

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