“Aching a Lot”: Weeks After His Ghastly Pec Tear, 450 Lbs Strongman Monster Has Trouble Going to the Toilet

To have muscular and giant bodies, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, train rigorously to achieve their goals. However, in the process of getting a gigantic physique, they had to lift heavier weights than usual. While performing heavy weights, the common issue they face is tearing down the pectoral muscle. It happens due to lifting heavy weights. One such case happened to the World’s strongest man, winner Hafthor Bjornsson. He tore his left pec-muscles while performing a power lift of 550 lbs.

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Bjornsson has been updating about his status since then, on 18 September appeared on video, that he was going for stem cells after a surgery procedure. While talking to the doctor, he revealed that his facing some difficulties whenever he tries to sit or lift weights.

Hafthor Bjnorsson’s confession after going through a surgery 


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The GOT fame said to the doctor “My knees have been bothering me since I’ve been getting back into lifting weights. It’s just like aching a lot, even just sitting down the toilet.”

The Strongman illustrated his situation with the doctor and said that during the night and when he tried to get up. He felt more stiffness in his knees and it’s pretty hard for him. However, he further said that it’s been improving a little.
but still aches, especially when he starts his workout.


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Afterward, they both went to the ultrasound room where the doctor showed him his shoulder bone, his injuries, and his progress after the surgery. The doctor said about his recovery, “pectoralis muscle coming across so you get your PEC major PEC minor”, He showed him where the rupture was. The doctor also walks him through the procedure they are going to perform on the day.

He is still under treatment

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Dr. Tom further said, “body repairs to that your body tends to form type 3 collagen which is not very elastic Scar Tissue type collagen and what we’re going to do today is take that bone marrow and the platelet-rich plasma mixed together stem cell procedure with PRP”. According to the dr. this process is going to help his body to recover faster. He went through a bone marrow procedure. He’s staying at the main center for the rest of his procedure.


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However, a few months ago. Bjornsson was performing heavy-weight bench presses. The Icelandic Strongman was recording this video while performing it. However, the two-time strongman winner tore his pectoral muscles. Afterward, he went through some necessary medical treatment. He hit the gym after a few days and started lifting weights again. He’s still under treatment. What do you think of his progress? Let us know in the comments below.

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