“Absolute Bullsh*t, Olympia Has To Move From America Now”: Bodybuilding World Enraged As Another Bodybuilder Denied Visa for Mr. Olympia 2023

The bodybuilding sport is not limited to a single nation. Its worldwide recognition is the only reason why the field has received several magnificent bodybuilding legends who are not essentially from America. However, in the present time, several aspiring bodybuilders are facing immense issues traveling to America for their contests. This has happened in the past and continues even more often.

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Nathan De Asha has had his pro debut in 2016. And since then he has won two professional competitions already. Although he got in trouble with the police before for protesting against racism, his records were improving. But his fans got the sad news that he won’t be able to compete in this year’s Mr. Olympia.

Nathan De Asha’s declined VISA


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In their latest post on Instagram, @bisandtris shared the breaking news of Nathan De Asha being not allowed to enter the US. As Asha was trying to come to the US for Mr. Olympia 2023, his VISA was rejected. The English IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Liverpool thus said goodbye to the journey. He was not the only victim of such injustice and had to end his Mr. Olympia journey in this manner. The internet thus is stirred by the incident.

Furthermore, while some of the fans were speculating the reason behind the denial of his entry within the country, some of them brought up the old incident where he had not followed proper corona regulations. However, they still question the need for Mr. Olympia to be held in the USA only.

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When fans perceived the horrific news, they were not as shocked this time. The repeated VISA denials that had been prolonged for a while made them get used to it. Even then, they came forward to share their emotions.


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Fans highly discredit US Olympia for not changing its location

One of the fans commented, “A pro athlete works a whole year for something and is banned from doing his job for something illogical :/”. While another stressed, “Wait so we aren’t letting people in legally but those who choose to enter illegally, they get an allowance and no push back? Lol”. Yet another fan said, “This is absolute bu*****t the Olympia has to move from America now to many great athletes getting denied visa“. Someone else remarked, “Move the Olympia, like it was years ago. Showcase it to the world by going to different countries each year.” Last, but not least, someone else said, “Like we didn’t see this coming…”

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The bodybuilding community supports its members no matter what one is going through. The simple fact that bodybuilders cannot move around as much as needed really calls for a change in their conduction of such prestigious contests. What do you think of the present situation? Let us know in the comments below.


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