“A Role Model for New Generations”: 61-YO Granny, Displaying Her Ripped Abs While Training, Gives Fitness World Motivation for Life

Toning the muscle to perfection needs commitment. While everyone loves the idea of getting their daily dose of fitness, it is only a few determined individuals who are consistent with their tasks. And the motivation to be fit is quite hard in the latter half of life. But Monica Bousquet stands as an inspiration to the fitness community in this aspect.

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The 61-year-old fitness enthusiast flaunts her incredible body on her Instagram page. However, the muscle gains are hard-earned at the gym. The old grandma recently posted her training video on Instagram.

Monica Bousquet training clip


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Research testified that obesity is plaguing the current generation due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles. So, social media has seen a rise in fitness fads that could help netizens cut down a few pounds. However, the motivation to hit the gym daily is hard to keep up. So, they follow fitness influencers online to witness their journey and get motivated.

Monica Bousquet is one such influencer in her sixties. The grandma took to training seven years ago. Through consistent training since then, she built a physique that is envied by young girls. She toned her abs to perfection and shares her gym routine to keep her 601K followers inspired. She recently shared her video of lifting weights in a bright pink suit. 

While pumping iron, the old lady flaunted her abs and shoulder gains. From lats to arms, she focused on training her muscles. Fans were stunned to witness her perfection while training and her great body in her sixties. They reached the comment section to salute her for being an inspiration to fitness lovers.

Fans React to the 61-year-old’s video

Fitness enthusiasts always cherish hard-working gym rats, and now Monica Bousquet has been added to their list. An admiring fan wrote, “A role model for the new generations, I admire you a lot!” “I admire your strength,” wrote another, reiterating the emotion. “What an example,” claimed a stunned fitness enthusiast.


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Powerful woman who envy that belly,” commented another fan who was awestruck by the 61-year-old grandma’s jacked abs. “You killed it monica,” cheered a follower. “My Dream Body,” a fitness fan subtly hinted.

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The fitness arena has more such influencers like Monica Bousquet, who are committed to being fit and ripped at such later ages in life. No doubt her hard work made her an NPC Master athlete. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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