“A Little Bit Too Odd”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains How Bodybuilding as an ‘Artform’ Struggled to Find Place in a Prestigious New York Museum

Bodybuilding has been considered a conventional sport after a long struggle. Controversies regarding its overall outlook thoroughly change over time. Even still, could people in earlier days of bodybuilding consider it as a form of art? Did the audience and the society any way wanted it to have that social position of esteem? Let us look at how Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s personal experiences answer this.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of a sculpted body. Not only did he help shape bodybuilding as a sport, but he also helped promote it worldwide. In order to do that, he once collaborated with the Whitney Museum.

Bodybuilding: The Art Form in the 1970s deemed ‘odd’ by Schwarzenegger


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In his latest interview with The 92nd Street Y, New York, Arnold Schwarzenegger was featured to talk about various aspects of his life and career as a whole. The bodybuilding legend began with a recollection of 1976 when he was suggested to talk with Whitney Muesuem in order to represent bodybuilding as an art form. He recalled, “People at the Whitney Museum said, ‘I don’t know if anyone would show up, to be honest with you. This is a little bit odd. Even though we do odd things here in the Whitney Museum, but this is a little bit too odd.”

But what Schwarzenegger confessed afterward shocked everyone. He precisely remembered how things did not go as expected. Arnie stated, “There was like, thousands of people lined up outside to get in. And of course, they couldn’t get in but I mean so they took out all the chairs that they had and everyone was sitting on the floor.”

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While bodybuilding as an art, works its way upward, there’s a lot going on in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life too. He is reported to be quite happy in his long-term relationship with Heather Milligan. and although he has disregarded marriage plans for a while now, things might have started to change.


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The internet spots Heather Milligan’s stone

In recent times, a very exciting picture was captured. On the promotion of his new book, ‘Be Useful’, Schwarzenegger was seen twinning with his girlfriend Heather Milligan, but that’s not all. In one of the pictures taken at the event, Milligan was seen wearing a big stone in her hand. Although nothing has been officially announced, fans are speculating about the possibility of getting the announcement soon enough.

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Keeping aside the ingenious contribution of Schwarzenegger to bodybuilding, it is mainly a sport of aesthetics. Clearly, for every new art form, society has been skeptical about its canonization. However, even in 1976, no one expected so many eager faces at the Whitney Muesuem who were ready to sit on floors to know more about bodybuilding. Do you think bodybuilding still has such a curious audience? Let us know in the comments below.

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