8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Who Deadlifted Mind-Numbing 800 Lb. at Prime Says He Could’ve Easily Gone for 1000 Lb.

King Coleman is famous for his tough workouts. He used “power building” to get strong and build big muscles. He exercised six days a week, working on different parts of his body. He liked to use free weights instead of machines to stay flexible and have more freedom to move.

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Many people look up to him and want to be like him. They try to copy his challenging exercises and high-calorie meals to become as big and strong as he is. In the fitness and bodybuilding world, some people motivate us, while others leave us puzzled. Ronnie Coleman, a famous bodybuilder who won Mr. Olympia eight times, said something in a video that got much attention in the bodybuilding community.

Why didn’t Ronnie lift 1,000 lb?


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Jesse James West recently posted a video with Ronnie Coleman on his official YouTube channel. He asked him in the video, “You did 800 lb right here. Do you think that you could have deadlifted 1,000 lb?”

To this, Ronnie Coleman replied, “Yes.” Then Jesse asked him, “Why didn’t you?” Ronnie replied: “Cuz I was bodybuilding.”
Ronnie Coleman added: “Losing motivates you to focus; determination drive to be the best.”

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In a different video on Ronnie Coleman’s YouTube channel called ‘Ronnie Coleman’s Thoughts on Gym Fails Almost Leading to Injuries,’ Coleman shares his honest opinions about funny mistakes people make in the gym. He talks about some terrible choices made by people while working out and shares some helpful advice in the video.

Coleman reacts to gym mistakes that people make

Ronnie Coleman starts his video with a lot of excitement. Then, he shows funny but concerning mistakes people make in the gym. While talking about them, he seems a bit puzzled. Coleman reacts to some of these gym mistakes. In one clip, a guy is lifting heavy weights incorrectly while doing squats. Coleman responded, “Somebody thought of some stupid sh*t put on tape.”


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Ronnie Coleman once lifted a massive 800 pounds in a deadlift and said he could have lifted 1,000 pounds. But he chose bodybuilding over lifting heavier weights because that was his focus. Do you think he made the right decision, or should he have gone for 1,000 pounds? What’s your view on this? Share in the comment section.

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