81-Yo Legend, Who Revolutionized Aesthetics, Prides Upon 54-Yo Age-Defying Bodybuilder to Carry This Legacy Forward

Bodybuilding is an ever-flowing sport where legends retire and new bodybuilding beasts arrive. In this circular movement, many prior champion talks about the equation of winning championships and having the potential to leap from good to the best. The God of Aesthetics, who had once defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger, is known for both his bodybuilding career on stage and his present-day influence as a retired and experienced guide for the fitness community.

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The three-time Mr. Olympia, and Mr. Universe, Frank Zane, are undoubtedly one of the greatest bodybuilders and promoter of the sport. Not only did he help popularise the sport but also contributed to shaping it as it is today.

Frank Zane speaks about the present-day bodybuilder with extreme potential


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In a recent interview with Movieverse Entertainment, Frank Zane is featured talking about various aspects of his career and opinions. When asked about his perspective on the upcoming bodybuilding developments, Zane spoke without any hesitation. He declared, “I think it all depends on who the top champions are, and what they promote.” Then Zane revealed who he thinks is a good candidate.

Frank Zane chooses Mike O’Hearn as a perfect example of greatness. He noted down, “He’s big. He’s 270 pounds. And, he has got good proportions, good-looking guy.” Zane retorts that Mike O’Hearn has got everything going on about him, and if he chooses to stay focused on his work, he will be doing great things.

As the interview proceeds, Frank Zane chiefly talks about how bodybuilders can achieve different goals. He extensively talks about movie offers and their linkage with the entertainment world.


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Bodybuilding provided me a lasting career, says Frank Zane

Frank Zane reveals how the reward chart has increased exponentially over time. Even so, he feels like bodybuilders might choose other professions over the traditional on-stage posing. In the process, he reveals the opportunities he has received along the way. Zane disclosed, “I did a certain amount of that”. Additionally, he referred, “Some Commercials which I did, but you know, it basically didn’t land me a lasting career whereas bodybuilding did.”

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The bodybuilding world does not forget the legacy these bodybuilding legends have passed on. The present and upcoming generation can only learn from their idols, who had once thrived on the stage. As Zane praises O’Hearn, he also points out the diversion from his era and the contemporary one. Do you think bodybuilding as a sport has gotten more and more popular over time? Or do you believe the golden era had been when Arnold and Zane ruled the stages? Let us know in the comments below.

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