81-YO Legend, Who Brought Symmetry and Aesthetics Into Bodybuilding, Finds “Body Weight” Analysis a Ridiculous Idea

In the world of bodybuilding, it is quite essential to keep one’s body weight and physique in check. However, many bodybuilders do not find it easy to keep a balance between both. Most of them are inclined towards building more body weight than just fixating on the aesthetics of it. The subtle line drawn between the winner and loser is this very basic balance and point of focus.

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Frank Zane is known for his immense achievements in the sport of bodybuilding. Not only did he win three Mr. Olympia titles, but he also defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger at the stage of Mr. Universe, writing his name in history books.

Choosing aesthetics over body weight


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Connected as he always is with his fans through social media – Instagram in particular -Zane often shares guidance posts on it. In his latest post, he brings out yet another valuable lesson that usually influencers skip talking about. Frank Zane deliberately talks about the significance of his physique’s outer look rather than just the increased amount of body weight. Time and again, Zane shows that, unlike his peers, he has different focus points. He remarked in the caption of his post, “I’m not focused on body weight, I’m more focused on what I looked like.”


Furthermore, Zane also pointed out that body weight does not even become a defining point that judges look into. The aesthetics of the bodies are chiefly considered. Thus he reminded fans, “You are not judged on that, you are judged on what you looked like.”

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Frank Zane often talks about his own experience and tries to impart the same knowledge to other fitness enthusiasts. However, Zane is also up to date with contemporary trends. While talking about Mike O’Hearn’s potential, the 81-year-old retired bodybuilder reflected upon diversions in the sport.


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Frank Zane touches upon bodybuilders’ inclinations towards the entertainment industry

In one of his recent interviews with Movieverse Entertainment, Zane had talked about how bodybuilders nowadays have the option to change their line of profession. Frank Zane mentioned how bodybuilders can turn to movies and the film industry instead of their usual on-stage posing journey. While considering the situation, he also delved into his own career. Zane remarked, “Some Commercials which I did, but you know, it basically didn’t land me a lasting career whereas bodybuilding did”

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The world of bodybuilding can be harsh with their choices when choosing a winner, which is why bodybuilders need to make smart choices when deciding on their focus point. Frank Zane’s experience readily helps him provide beneficial tips on the approach needed for bodybuilding from newcomers. What do you think of body weight being the primary focus? Would you rather prefer to focus on the aesthetics instead? Let us know in the comments.

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