7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Rallies Funds for a Friend Hospitalized With Severe Kidney Issues While Highlighting an Unfortunate Reality of Bodybuilding

Tad Inoue, known in professional circles and among aspiring athletes as a selfless coach, and a revered figure in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, is grappling with severe health challenges. His present state has highlighted his personal journey and the overarching concerns of insurance and healthcare within the bodybuilding community.

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Phil Heath, the illustrious bodybuilder and seven-time Mr. Olympia winner, recently took to his Instagram platform, reaching out to millions of followers with a plea for Inoue. The story wasn’t about his next championship or fitness routine. Instead, it was an urgent call for assistance from Tad The Diet Coach aka Tad Inoue.

Phil Health makes a plea within the bodybuilding world


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In the story, Heath mentions, “Tad is in the hospital with 5% of his kidney function and he’s on dialysis” a critical yet draining process. The post shared by Heath contains a snapshot of a fundraising campaign organized by Shawna Kondo, Inoue’s ex-wife. She initiated the effort with the hope of alleviating some of the monetary pressures associated with Inoue’s medical bills.

The fundraiser’s goal is $50,000. When Heath shared it, a kind donation had already started things. It’s not just one person with health issues; it shows that many bodybuilders face tough times. Even though bodybuilding seems exciting, it often doesn’t provide enough help for its people.

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Heath’s words underscored this reality: “Unfortunately, this industry doesn’t provide any type of insurance.” It’s a sentiment that many in the profession echo, aware of the fact that it’s solely upon them to manage their health coverage. Such insurance is far from affordable, making instances like Inoue’s even more poignant. This lack of support often pushes the community to band together, finding strength in unity during challenging times.

Bodybuilders support one another


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When Phil Heath shared Inoue’s tough times on social media, it was like a brother asking for help. He asked everyone to chip in–whether with money, good wishes, or by sharing the news. It’s amazing how in bodybuilding, a sport about individual strength, there’s still this deep sense of teamwork when things get tough.

Heath, with the help of his story, also made an appeal to the whole bodybuilding community to take care of themselves as he mentions, “All of us bodybuilders know that it’s only up to us to take care of our insurance privately and it’s not cheap”.


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Inoue’s health issues are tough, but the way bodybuilders are coming together to help is really heartwarming. It shows that even in a world focused on individual muscle, there’s a big heart and a lot of teamwork. It’s like when someone struggles with a heavy weight at the gym, and others step in to help lift it.

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