77 YO Sylvester Stallone Opens Up on Bodybuilding ‘Hercules’, Whose “Physical Embodiment of Overcoming Odds” Inspired Him More Than His Dialogues

Inspiration is one of the crucial elements to build ones drive to accomplish something in life. If there was no motivation or inspiration whatsoever, half the crowd in most sports, would not even exist. Bodybuilding as a sport heavily depends on such inspirations. As the 77-year-old Rocky star, Sylvester Stallone revealed his childhood idol, his fans got awestruck.

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Stallone is known for his character, “Rocky” and also remains someone whose physique continues to be admired by people. There is literally no one who would disregard the body that Stallone maintained throughout the peak of his career.

Sylvester Stallone reveals his childhood inspiration


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In a recent talk show video uploaded by TIFF Originals, Sylvester Stallone was featured as a guest. At the very beginning of the discussion, the 77-year-old actor was asked about his fascination with the 1958 movie Hercules, starring none other than Steve Reeves. Stallone reminisced that he had been 12 when the movie came out and he had been drawn towards it from the earliest. He remarked, “I was pretty simple-minded. I just knew that it moved me the way other things didn’t.”

Furthermore, he also added that he wasn’t as moved by the dialogues at that point in time, but fell for the intriguing visual appeal that the character offered. “The dialogue didn’t move me as much as the actual physical embodiment of overcoming overwhelming odds,” he said.

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The Rocky actor who had achieved as low a body fat as 2.9%, had an insane diet regime. When he declared this to the world, everyone was shocked.


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Sylvester Stallone’s unbelievable diet plans

In a YouTube short video, Stallone had declared his  food habits. He once stated, “I overdo it during the weekends. During the week, it’s almost all protein, and by Friday night I am ravenous. And then I’ll bulk up by Monday when I’m back on the regime. I’ll be down on 1,100 cal and then on the weekend I could be up to like 9000 cal.” The actor had also revealed previously that he survived on 25 cups of coffee and two oatmeal cookies.

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Childhood inspirations do take people a long way, and no one can deny their immense presence in most lives. As Stallone had always looked up to Reeves’ physique, he tried to implement the Mr. Olympia winner’s training and diet regimes. Is there a bodybuilding icon that you look up to? Let us know in the comments below.


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