76-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Wish to Be Bothered With an Important Family Matter: “Let Chris Pratt and Katherine Have the Headache”

Arnold Schwarzenegger not only conquered the stage of bodybuilding, Hollywood, and politics but also achieved the title of being a good father and a grandfather. Albeit being a seven-time Mr. Olympia is fulfilling, ultimately getting the title of a father and grandfather gave the Terminator actor different happiness. Arnold had a strict father growing up who taught him to ‘be useful’, which is the main catchphrase of his new book as well. Arnie has also been a strict father to his five children, though his parenting was a bit unique. However, now he can loosen up since he is a grandpa and only concentrates on showering his grandchildren with love.

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The Austrian Oak talked to the hosts at The View on the occasion of his new book launch and spoke about his transition from being a stubborn father to a loving grandfather.

Arnold Schwarzenegger pampers his grandchildren


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During the interview, the show’s host asked him whether he was known to be a strict father. Arnie agreed and said that he took pretty harsh actions to teach his kids a lesson. He even narrated that once he had burned Katherine Schwarzenegger‘s shoes in the fireplace after she did not put them in the mudroom, even after advising her to do so for several days.

However, when the host wanted to know how he treated his grandchildren, the FUBAR actor had a different response. Arnie was very pleased with the question and said he did not have to be that strict anymore. He let his grandchildren play with his farm animals and dogs whenever they came home. While speaking about the discipline aspect, he hilariously remarked, “The discipline stuff my daughter has to do and my son-in-law has to do. Let Chris Pratt and Kathrine have the headache to discipline them.”

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Even though Arnold was strict with his children, he let his grandchildren do anything they wanted. He was also proud that his son-in-law and daughter are good parents, and Kathrine uses tips that her mother, Maria Shriver, used on the children. Arnie once disclosed that his parenting style was lenient and not strict at all, despite the different notions of others.

Arnold Schwarzenegger defended his parenting style


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Since the Austrian Oak was born just after World War II, his life has not been completely a bed of roses. His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, was a police officer who served during the World War. Due to the war, the whole country was facing a financial problem, and that meant the Schwarzenegger family was facing it too. His father also succumbed to PTSD and alcoholism, which took a toll on him and his brother.

During his time on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show, Arnold was asked whether he was a harsh and strict parent to his children due to his own upbringing. Arnold stated, “Well, it depends what your definition is… I think the way I grew up, I was lenient, but I think for American standards, probably strict.”


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However, this discipline later on helped all his children in their personal and professional lives, and today, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt raise their children with good values just like Arnold did. What do you think about his parenting methods? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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