68-Y.O. Bodybuilding Legend Once Savagely Addressed Shrewd Question of 20-Year-Olds: “You Gained All That Muscle in 1980s Only to Lose It Now”

The bodybuilding world is an abode of extremely talented athletes who have a very scientific and technical way of training their bodies. The Golden Era bodybuilders created the best standard of bodybuilding in the industry. One such bodybuilder was the Quadfather, Tom Platz, who caused massive waves in this world in the 1980s. The behemoth became interested in weightlifting at the age of nine after admiring Dave Draper’s physique.

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Now, youngsters look up to him for inspiration. Fitfacter recently uploaded a short video where Platz answered bizarre questions from youngsters and shut them down. His answer will surprise and inspire a lot of people.

Tom Platz gives a reality check to youngsters


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The former Mr. Universe winner chiseled his body by working out for hours in the gym. The Golden Eagle had 30-inch thighs in his prime, hence his nickname, Quadfather. However, some young bodybuilders expected him to have the same level of conditioning in his late sixties and asked him a strange question.

In the YouTube video, he explained the question and said, “Some of the young 20-year-olds say things to me like, you gained all that muscle in the 1980s only to lose it now.” This perspective astonished the iconic bodybuilding champion. He replied to the youngsters, saying, “I’m like, I’ve never heard that before; it startled me. Well, if I were climbing a mountain, if we were climbing a mountain and you got down from a mountain, you’d never forget climbing the mountain.” The metaphor of the mountain was to show that the body, or the mind, never forgot any training that it went through in its prime time to create the muscles.

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The Quadfather gave valuable advice to all young bodybuilders about the mindset that they should have while creating a perfect body. He narrated, “The muscle is temporary; it’s a temporary thing. So is life! Someday, it’s going to be our last day. So I’m going to live every day as if it’s my last day.” The once-lean kid knew that everything is temporary and those muscles are not going to stay forever, but training and knowledge are permanent. But how did this legend train in his prime? Let’s find out.


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Tom Platz’s training method

The YouTube video titled “Train Until You Die” reflected why Platz is known to be the best in the industry. In this video, the motivational speaker and bodybuilding legend said, “Most guys don’t have the wind. 15-20 reps is like, Oh my God, to me, that’s like half a second. I’ve been doing 50s all the time. It was crazy, like somebody was stabbing knives in my quads.”

The Quadzilla had an immense passion for bodybuilding and sometimes was not cautious of his extreme training. Even the scathing pain was like a scratch and could not stop the bodybuilder from training. He said, “I used to lay there and put the towel over my face, and people thought I was dying, but no, he’s okay; don’t worry about it.”


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He developed this new technique, which the majority of bodybuilders now use, by pushing his body to its absolute limit while performing his reps. Veteran bodybuilders in the present day still respect his knowledge and experience. What do you think about his advice to the youngsters? Tell us in the comments below.

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