63-Year-Old Legend Who Broke Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Olympia Record Shares Secret Cure for Unbearable Sciatic Nerve Pain

Lee Haney is the most extraordinary bodybuilder in the fitness world. The muscular man with 8 Olympia titles has surpassed the record of bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This 63-year-old man with well-developed and strong muscles is an inspiration for many fitness freaks and aspiring bodybuilders. 

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The IFBB Pro bodybuilder recently came up with a curative formula to heal sciatic nerve pain. The overgrowth of the bone often leads to this unendurable problem. Lee Haney introduced some easy-to-do exercises to get rid of this lower body pain.

Lee Haney’s remedy for sciatic nerve pain


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Apart from his golden bodybuilding career of decades, Lee Haney is also an internet sensation who never misses a chance to interact with his audience. Usually, he gives his day-to-day life updates to his followers. This time, he shared some straightforward exercises to regulate lower body never pain. Sciatic nerve pain is among the major health issues in the bodybuilding realm. Intense workout and exercises also become the cause of this unbearable problem.

On his official Instagram account, he posted a video of the exercise with a caption that said,All of us at one time or the other have had to deal with sciatic nerve pain. The pain constantly shoots down your lower back and leg day and night. Explaining common treatments taken by people to alleviate the pain, he added, You’ve tried rubs and pain pills of every kind seeking relief to no avail. Suppose, I told there is a way to treat and control it without pain pills However, it’s going to take a bit of ruin your part.”

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In the video, a person can be seen performing stretching exercises while lying straight on the back. To get started with the exercises, one needs to do a little warmup so that the body doesn’t hurt later. Haney had some more instructions regarding the stretching.


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Lee Haney’s Stretching Exercises For sciatic nerve pain

Let’s grab more facts with regard to Haney’s fitness tips. Before beginning the stretching, one is required to do a light warmup, and having a walk is also suggested so that the lower body parts such as hips and glutes are loosened up. Once done with the warmup, the legend recommended that one lean slightly to the right side with their hands placed on their thighs and maintain that posture at least for 7 seconds. Hold it for a count of 7 seconds.


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After completing right-side stretching, lean to the left side repeating the same steps you did in the right-side leaning.  The Olympia champ Lee Hanely definitely has a myriad of knowledge and wisdom to help people attain fitness goals. Want to get rid of sciatic nerve pain? Lee Haney’s effective few stretching exercises can get you relief from this back nerve pain.

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