6′ 3″ Strongman Giant Who Once Deadlifted 1102LBS Unearths Mind-Boggling Truth About Strength Sport: “It Takes You 10 Days to Recover From a Heavy Deadlift”

The bodybuilding world loves athletes who will do anything to be the best. But this kind of determination isn’t limited to just bodybuilding. Strongman competitions are also a big deal. People who compete in strongman events need both bravery and muscle power to win. It all starts with bodybuilding.

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This Strongman giant, who won World’s Strongest Man in 2017, has retired from the competitive era of strongman but still amazes his fans with his extraordinary endeavors to push his limits. Recently there is a video surfacing on YouTube about his opinion on recovery routine.

Eddie Halls’s view on minimizing recovery time


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Hall is a famous strongman. He’s won many times in the UK, Britain, and England as the Strongest Man. In 2017, he became the World’s Strongest Man. In the video posted on YouTube by @OfficialStrongmancom featuring Eddie Hall talks about his unique recovery routine, which plays an important role in keeping him at the top of his game.

Eddie Hall emphasizes the significance of minimizing recovery time, especially after demanding workouts like heavy deadlifts. He explains, “For the recovery, it’s basically a whole day dedicated to reduce the recovery time, you know, it takes you 10 days to recover from a heavy deadlift, it’s up to you to reduce that recovery time, having physio takes a day off.”

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Hot and cold treatments are another essential part of his routine. Hall adds, “Doing hot cold treatments takes a day off, doing hyperbaric treatment takes a day off, you add all these things up, you get that recovery time down to 7 days and then you hit in the same muscle groups every 7 days and that’s how you do it. People train as hard as me, I know that for a fact, but what people don’t do is recover as hard as me, that’s where I get the advantage.” Hall keeps on sharing videos and pictures on his Instagram page. He also shared a post showing off his abs.

Hall gives a chill to netizens with his post

Hall, who is 35 years old, has been posting videos of himself trying out various sports and exciting activities. People on the internet got really excited when they saw his abs, even though he weighs 363 lbs. To look that good, he must have worked really hard in tough training sessions to achieve something amazing.


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Eddie Hall says it can take 10 days to bounce back after a heavy lifting session. Eddie Hall’s commitment to recovery in strength sports is impressive. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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