“5X Champ Workout Right There”: 7 Weeks Out of Olympia, Chris Bumstead’s Brutal Training Convinces Bodybuilding World of His Imminent Victory

Mr. Olympia 2023 is around the corner. Bodybuilders are utilizing their full potential to build the muscle that will help them win the SANDOW trophy. However, the reigning champion Chris Bumstead, will defend his title for the 5th time in the Classic Physique division. He’s been training under Hany Rambod, who is also known as the “Pro Creator”. The four-time Mr. Olympia classic champ’s rigorous training routine dazzled the internet.

America’s Favorite Video Today

CBum showing off his monstrous physique these days, flaunting his super-jacked physique on social media. Recently, he shared a lower body drill on his YouTube channel. People admire him a lot. He has gained millions of followers on his social media accounts in just a few years. Right After uploading this video, netizens started to be baffled.

Chris Bumstead’s intense workout regime!


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The Canadian bodybuilder started his exercise with lying leg curls. Afterward, he went for another exercise. His brutal hamstring exercises convince his followers that he might win the Mr. O title for the fifth time.

However, the 29 YO initially said that his back was in pain or discomfort, so he might not perform some exercises, including bending over. CBum quoted, “Slowly come back foot yeah, okay back sore. So I don’t know if we’re going to be doing any bent-over row, but just some isolated sh*t and then quads on the weekend.

Then they moved on to the other exercise Inner/Outer Thigh machine. It helps build thigh muscles, and undue stress on your hips, and lower back. However, his video of him working on his hamstring was really appreciated by his followers, days after his claim that everybody is fighting for second place. Now, his fans have the same opinion. According to them, the Classic champ is going to defeat every contender and win his title for the fifth time.


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Fans showered love on Bumstead

They flooded his comments section with praises from fans. Many have said that before going to the gym, his videos helped like a pre-gym motivation “Watching Chris before the gym is so motivating”. Although, a majority of people have already declared him 5x Mr. O champion.

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One such comment read “This is that 5x champ workout right here 💯”, another followed the same “And STILL Classic physique champ 5x Olympia! Chris Bumstead!!”, “Great one number 5 Olympia title. Let’s go 😎💪🏽💯”.”Keep working hard Champ! You got this!!” He became a winner even before the competition. It showcases that people literally adore him and want him to win again.


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What do you think of Bumstead’s hamstring workout session? Do you agree with his fans and followers? Tell us in the comments below.

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