55 YO Shannon Sharpe Backs Up His Challenge to Dwayne Johnson By Stepping Into the Gym With Bodybuilding Great Milos Sarcev

Shannon Sharpe has a battle to compete for, that too, with one of the toughest competitors in the town. Shannon Sharpe, challenging the Rock for a bench press competition on the Talk by CBS, was a thing no one saw coming. Yet, here we are. However, looking at the 54-year-old’s physique, even after a decade of officially retiring from the sport that brought him to fame, Sharpe stands as a muscular hunk.

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However, as per the former ‘Undisputed’ host, he has not bench-pressed in over a year. Yet, believing in himself and all the work he has put through the years in his fitness, he confidently challenged the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise star Dwayne Johnson. “Give me a month, I’ll get him,” he said, initiating a battle the fans didn’t expect to witness this year, let alone the next month. Moreover, staying true to his words, the former Broncos’ tight end has already started to gear himself up for the clash.

Shannon Sharpe trains with former Mr. Universe


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Seems that Shannon Sharpe might have an upper hand against the Rock, as he has started seeking professional training from someone who knows the best about weightlifting. Milo Sarcev, a 1989 Mr. Universe, was spotted guiding Sharpe through an intense workout. In the video that Sharpe posted, he and Sarcev were seen hitting the chest, back, and shoulders. Sharpe has grabbed the opportunity to not only bench press more than the Rock but also to improve his overall health. “This season is about ‘changing my training’. I’m changing my Mental, Physical, Emotional & Financial training,” said Sharpe.

In the video, Sharpe incorporated variations in rowing and chest presses (incline and flat). Alongside, the IFBB Pro had a few words of motivation for getting him to lift the weights. Moreover, Sharpe is looking jacked post-workout with the bodybuilding legend. So much so that even the Rock is suspicious of him winning the competition.

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What did the Rock have to say?

In his appearance on The Talk, Sharpe was quick to turn towards the camera to call out Dwayne Johnson. Rock posted a message on his social media as a means of accepting the duel. “I got my money on UNC @shannonsharpe84 too!! 😂💪🏾Shannon is the GOAT, I don’t want that smoke 😂”, said Johnson, expressing his appreciation for the iconic tight end.

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Well, getting one of the best in the league questioning his skills is another accolade that Sharpe added to his resume. However, the real one will join when he beats the Rock. The topic will be arguable as both the athletes have an incredulously toned physique and an even more toned mindset. Hence, the mystery of who will emerge victorious remains on time to solve. Till then, choose your side wisely.

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