50 Yo Bodybuilding Monster Looks Back at the Single Exercise That Helped Him Beat Ronnie Coleman

Jay Cutler, a name that resonates profoundly in the world of bodybuilding, recently took to his YouTube channel “Jay Cutler Reacts” to stroll down memory lane, specifically, revisiting his back training routine. This trip wasn’t just nostalgic; it was a testament to the techniques and training methods that propelled him to the zenith of his career.

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The video provided invaluable insights into the making of a champion. At 50, Cutler is no less a behemoth than he was during his prime. The video showcased Cutler reminiscing about his signature exercise—the T-bar row.

The power of T-bar row in bodybuilding


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“So, the famous T-bar row,” began Cutler, delving into the intricacies of this unique exercise. A crucial detail that stood out was the pace of the repetitions. “Fast repetitions,” Cutler emphasized. He elucidated the science behind the swift movements, referencing the slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. For Cutler, explosive movements always yielded the most impressive results.

The profound significance of the T-bar row in Cutler’s journey was evident. He confidently stated, “This is the one exercise I can tell you that helped me beat Ronnie Coleman.” For those entrenched in the bodybuilding community, Ronnie Coleman is nothing short of legendary. Hence, for an exercise to hold such monumental importance, it speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

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Diving deeper into the video, Cutler revisited the year 2005, a pivotal moment in his journey. With evident nostalgia, he recalled, “This was 2005 here. I was spitting on spitting out.” The intensity Cutler brought to his training sessions was palpable. The vision of him handling nine or ten plates, with the gym echoing his fervor, painted a vivid picture of his dedication and hard work. However, while the T-bar row was a cornerstone of his regimen, it wasn’t the only exercise that defined Cutler’s legendary workouts.

Beyond the T-bar row: Other key exercises of Jay Cutler


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This profound experience wasn’t devoid of its quirks. Cutler humorously mentioned needing someone, Dale from the UK in this instance, to stand at the end of the T-bar row to prevent it from popping up, emphasizing the sheer weight and force in play.

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However, the T-bar row wasn’t the sole star of the show. Cutler also shed light on the rack pulls with five plates, highlighting them as a “great exercise.” These were pivotal in developing the coveted lower back thickness, an attribute he proudly flaunted. The technique was equally noteworthy, with Cutler adopting an overhand grip and executing the pulls off the rack. In conclusion, Jay Cutler’s reflection provides not just a glimpse into the past but a roadmap for aspiring bodybuilders.


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His commitment to the T-bar row and his insights on training methods underscore the importance of both discipline and innovation. Jay Cutler’s dedication to the T-bar row marks the extensive impact of focused training, defining the path to his iconic victory over Ronnie Coleman.

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