50 Y.O. Bodybuilding Legend, Who Crushed ‘Fit for 50’ Recently, Explains How He Got Rid of His “Back Pain” With Exercise

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is no longer competing on the bodybuilding stage. However, he is still relentless in the gym. Despite being 50, the bodybuilding icon maintains an awe-inspiring physique. The former Mr. Olympia also competed in the Fit for 50 challenge for his birthday. While Cutler maintained an impressive physique, he got into competition-ready shape for August 3rd, 2023.

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However, even legendary bodybuilders like Cutler have to bow down to aging. Despite pursuing fitness and maintaining his physique after retiring, Cutler started experiencing signs of aging. In his latest vlog, the three-time Arnold Classic winner revealed how he got rid of back pain through his Fit for 50 challenge.

It’s about achieving balance


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In his latest vlog, the 50-year-old filmed a workout session. However, instead of showing a continuous montage of himself working out in the gym, Cutler also gave insights in between. During one such break in the montage, the former Mr. Olympia explained how he approached core exercises at 50. The former champion explained how balanced ab training helped during the challenge.

“Doing abs every other day since I did the whole Fit for 50 challenge,” said the veteran bodybuilder. “What I’ll do is probably three exercises, three sets each, focusing on anywhere between 12 and 20 repetitions,” added Jay Cutler. Ronnie Coleman’s rival-turned-friend explained that this frequency helped him develop his core during the transformation.

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Hence, he is maintaining this balanced approach to preserve core strength and eliminate back pain. “Helps with my core and back pain… Like I don’t have any back pain because I’m working both sides, the front and the backside,” stated the Arnold Classic champion. Interestingly most of what Cutler does in the gym at 50, matched what he did during his prime.

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The bodybuilding icon’s tried and tested methods


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For the Fit for 50 challenge, the bodybuilding icon wanted to replicate his Mr. Olympia physique. While Cutler knew he wouldn’t be able to achieve the same level as his prime, he went back to tried-and-tested methods to replicate his Olympia-winning physique as best he could.

The bodybuilding legend amped up his workouts. However, he stuck to machine-assisted workouts to avoid injury. The former Mr. Olympia also started eating like his competitive bodybuilding days. Besides increasing his calories, Cutler also increased his protein intake while cutting down on comfort foods.


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While everyone succumbs to the effects of again, Jay Cutler used experience and a balanced approach to beat back pain. Besides looking younger than his age, Cutler also performs like someone younger than him.

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