49-YO Entrepreneur Donning Six-Packs Since He Was 24, Shares Mind-Boggling Secret of His Ripped Abs

Justin Waller, who is a multimillionaire, has not only a genius entrepreneurial mind but also an effective fitness strategy. The man who has had six-pack abs since he was 24 years old is extremely dashing and is a youth icon who generates a turnover of nearly $3 million per year with a company that yields a $10 million profit annually. The incredibly passionate businessman also prioritizes his fitness, no matter what the circumstances are.

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The owner of RedIron Construction, whose management is operated only by women, advocates for a healthy lifestyle and has unwavering dedication to humanitarian tasks. His recent conversation with the ‘Iced Coffee Hour’ duo gave a lot of insights into his fitness journey. Waller also revealed an interesting secret that might help fitness enthusiasts gain six-pack abs faster than they thought.

Justin Waller gives a secret hack to abs


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While speaking to ‘Iced Coffee Hour’ duo Graham Stephan and Jack Selby, the conversations ranged from the construction industry, Andrew Tate, the role of men and women in society, and fitness. The Instagram short shared showed the conversation when it came to the process of having an all-year-round six-pack ab. Six-pack abs are not easy to gain and need a lot of exercise as well as a proper diet. But this secret hack from the business mogul might help fitness enthusiasts in the long run.

While delving into the secret of having abs easily, Waller started by saying, “I’ve had a sick pack since I was 24 years old. When I do abs, I only do the bottom two abs.” He further expressed that he only concentrated on his lower abs rather than working on the abs that were near the rib cage. This is because the upper abs are already quite skinny, and because of the bones of the rib cage, they do not need extra training.

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He then explained how to get the lower abs burning and said, “But if you do decline weighted abs like with 45lbs on your chest and you only focus on the bottom two and you tilt your head back so you isolate it, nobody in the history of the universe has ever had the bottom two in this v taper and not have the top two.” So according to him, it is a purely scientific method that if someone dreams the lower abs by doing a decline weighted ab exercise, then the upper absolute also automatically becomes chiseled. Waller also advised on the side plank, where he instructed to put one hand on top of the upper abs and make sure it has a burning sensation. After it starts to strain the muscles, the fitness icon advises to bounce while holding the plank because this would guarantee perfect abs. The multimillionaire businessman also revealed his memories of getting abs at the age of 24 due to misleading information.


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Justin Waller walks down memory lane of how he got his abs

He previously spoke about the information that drove him to get abs at 24. He began the video by saying, “I’ll never forget the first time I got six packs. I read some bulls*** that said if you don’t have six-packs by 24, you’ll never have one.”

The young entrepreneur became nostalgic about his 24-year-old self, and said, “I had this vision in my head of changing my Facebook picture to a picture of a picture of me f*cking ripped and I would just have that in my mind over and over and over again.”


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He finally decided to join Anytime Fitness and jumped on ab exercises every day. His main goal of getting abs at 24 was to attract women, but later on, he fell in love with fitness. He also later proved the magazine information wrong by having abs at the age of 37. Would you attempt this exercise to get six-pack abs? Tell us in the comments below.

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