$450 Million Worth Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Humvee Is Nothing Compared to This Monstrous Truck Eddie Hall Is Driving

Eddie Hall is a former strongman and once held the record for the 1,100-pound deadlift, which he conquered in 2016. He was the winner of the World’s Strongest Man in 2017 and has also won national competitions such as the UK’s Strongest Man and Britain’s Strongest Man multiple times. The champ does not just stop at being a strongman and keeps venturing into new challenges. He has tried sumo wrestling, arm wrestling, boxing, timber sports, and even lifting ancient rocks that are almost impossible to lift. And this time the strongman has switched to driving, and he is not just driving any car but the world’s biggest monster truck.

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Hall recently uploaded a small snippet on Instagram and gave a sneak peek at his full YouTube video. Let’s see if Eddie Hall succeeds in his challenge.

Eddie Hall stuns the world with a monster truck


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Hall is the epitome of strength and power, and everything he does, represents that. Just like his challenges with athletics, his vehicles are also as monstrous as he is. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Humvee would lose its shine against the monster truck that Hall recently drove.

The strong man uploaded a recent Instagram video where he is driving the truck. He captioned the post by writing, “World’s Biggest Monster Truck 🤯with @whistlindiesel. Video on YT 7 p.m. .#monstertruck #whistlindiesel #cars #truck #eddiehallBig Love, The Beast.”

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The environment-friendly Humvee that Arnold once drove would also lose to Hall’s enormous monster truck. The YouTube video, which is now available, has incredible shots of Hall driving the world’s biggest monster truck with Whistle Diesel on 208-acre land. The trees were in for a surprise because nothing could stand in between the Monster Truck and Eddie Hall. Hopping into the truck was not easy, as was seen in the video. Hall had to climb one tire like a mountaineer and then enter the truck.

Whistlin Diesel, aka Cody Detwiler, was a sporting partner, instructing Hall and helping him. The car is as massive as a Transformer, and Hall was having a blast driving it. Hall and Schwarzenegger not only have their strength and prowess in common but also their love for massive automobiles.

Arnold’s Humvee is his prized possession but he gave it up for the environment


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The 7-time Mr Olympia has always been fascinated with larger-than-life things that reflect power and strength. This made him inspired to become a bodybuilder after seeing Reg Park, and he also gifted his ex-wife a life-size silkscreen painting as a wedding present. When Arnie was shooting for Kindergarten Cop, he was fascinated with a military-grade Humvee.

I mean, it was big, it was unique, and it was something that was larger than him,” his agent, Lou Pitts, said, as per Vox. However, when he was serving as governor of California, he was concerned about the environment and climate change. So, the $450 million rich star chose to bid goodbye to his loved truck due to its massive gas consumption. In 2006, he sold six of his seven Hummers and now owns just an electric version.


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Would you attempt to drive the monstrous truck and lift the ancient Viking stone like the strongman or drive an electric Humvee like Schwarzenegger? Tell us in the comments below.

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