$450 Million Worth Arnold Schwarzenegger Who Didn’t Know How to Be Good Grandfather Found a Perfect Way to Make Grandkids Like Him

It is not very common for the ordinary audience to imagine the softer side of the greatest bodybuilder of all time. While the world has seen him going through the toughest training regimes, no one wanted to see the gentle side of the bodybuilding beast, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nonetheless, as the retired legend spends more time with his family and pet animals, the internet goes frenzy over the moments shared.

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Arnie is not just a former bodybuilder. He is the brand ambassador of bodybuilding as a sport. The number of people he had and continues to influence is innumerable. As the world calls him fierce and strong names, the special nicknames by his granddaughters, on the other hand, would melt any heart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s extra-special nickname


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In an exclusive interview with People, Schwarzenegger opens up about his personal life. From the very beginning of his interview, he sheds light on his grandkids, Eloise and Lyla. He states that both of them -daughters of Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt- have given him an exclusive nickname which they prefer to call him with. He revealed this name to be “Opa”.

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Furthermore, the 76-year-old former Governor explains how he hadn’t expected to be a great grandpa but somehow he is exceeding his expectations for a reason. He remarked, “It’s just such a fun thing to do because it’s kind of like I [didn’t] know how good I would be [at being a grandfather] but I have the animals so it’s an easy thing”. 

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Now that Arnie has managed to be amiable with his grandkids, he understands how to make them like him. When Arnold knew he was going to be a grandfather, he started worrying about a certain thing he did not want to pass on.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger once worried about his granddaughter

At the onset of becoming a grandpa, Schwarzenegger traced back the kid’s ancestry to Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife Maria Shriver, who had connections with the Kennedys. He had also joked about Chris Pratt’s Jurassic movie and jokingly said that the grandkid might actually hunt dinosaurs. But he finally revealed to Jimmy Fallon that he does not want his grandchildren to catch on to his accent.

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Bodybuilding beasts like Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be considered as one of the toughest guys in the history of bodybuilding. Specifically, why did the warm moments in his life melt millions of hearts? Do you know any bodybuilder or fitness influencer who forsook his career for his family? If you know, tell us in the comments below.


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