408 Lbs 2x World’s Strongest Man Confesses “Finding a Gym” Completely Changed His Life As He Shares an Eye-Opening Message: “Do It for Your Future Self“

While for some, the journey of transformation comes from extreme criticism and self-doubt, for others, it comes as a hobby turned into a passion, and well, in both cases, it indeed leaves behind a lifelong impact on the individual. Similar was the backstory of the 2x World’s Strongest Man, and well, as it turned out, bodybuilding became his biggest passion in life.

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Tom Stoltman, the 408 lbs British professional Strongman competitor, from Invergordon, Scotland, widely regarded as ‘The Albatross’ in the realm of the sport, recently shared what brought him into this field.

Tom Stoltman unveils how bodybuilding changed his life


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The official Instagram page of Primal, @primalstrengthofficial, went in collaboration with Tom Stoltman and shared a video of him, where he was talking about how getting into weightlifting and being habituated to going to the gym, has completely changed his life for good.

In the video, Tom Stoltman said, “Went from school, not knowing what I want to do with my life, and I was suffering till then. But finding a gym, just finding, lifting weights really changed my life around.” He was clueless about what he wanted to do in life, and well, having autism made it worse.

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But having the gym to look forward to made all of it worth it. In the caption, Stoltman wrote, Do it without a fitness watch. Do it without comparison. Do it to move. Do it to feel good. Do it for your future self. Strength. It’s in us all.” He had once even revealed how the gym saved him from ending his life.

Working out saved Tom Stoltman from having suicidal thoughts

Apart from the struggles they face in terms of speech, communication, and more, people on the spectrum often face other challenges in society, and for the 2x Strongman champion, things were no different. He was often bullied by his classmates and others and remembering those days, he once revealed in an interview with The People Magazine, “I would cry, break down. I would have my hood on. I wouldn’t talk to anybody else outside my family.” 


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Stoltman also loved playing football, but could not go ahead with it professionally and this left him depressed and he had suicidal thoughts. He was then introduced to Bodybuilding by his brother and well, the rest, as you all know, is history. Stoltman’s tale reminds one of the power that fitness and health have in helping one’s life. What do you think about the journey of the Strongman beast? Let us know in the comments section below!

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