32-Year-Old Fitness Influencer Shares 6 Mind-Boggling Hacks to Become a “Lazy Ripped” Dude

Exercising and bodybuilding require a lot of training and exercise, and you cannot be lazy. Being a couch potato and dreaming of having a jacked physique is not possible. Extreme exercise and being active are of the utmost importance. Or so you thought. Greg O’Gallagher states that his fitness company, Kinobody, can help people achieve an impressive level of fitness without extreme diets and exercising every single day. And he demonstrates this with his own fit physique. 

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The real-life Bruce Wayne has an innovative way of losing weight for his viewers. The 32-year-old shares his wisdom and techniques, along with his refreshing perspective on working out. Recently, he shared an out-of-the-box way to become chiseled, even if you are lazy.

A new fitness mantra for couch potatoes


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Kinobody shared an Instagram reel where he gives a very insightful anecdote on the six steps to losing weight and becoming ripped, even if you are lazy. The full thing was available in his Instagram bio. The fitness social media star captioned the post by writing, “The 6 steps to becoming lazy and ripped! Learn the full system (details in bio).”

The video shows him implementing all six of the steps and breaking down the step-by-step process of getting muscles without working too hard. He says, “The six steps to becoming a lazy, ripped dude like me. Step one: Being lean just requires that you consume the right amount of calories and protein. You can do this easily by being a lazy, ripped dude.” So according to him, the first step is to balance out your diet.

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The fitness star talks about skipping breakfast but eating the other three meals in a hefty manner. He explains, “You can skip breakfast fast for the first five hours of the day, eat a moderate-sized lunch, a big dinner feast, and a little desert at night.” Fitness cannot happen without exercise, so even if people are lazy, they need to at least do the basic routines. On this note, he talks about step two: “Step two, you must do two strategic lifts per week. Each workout is hard-hitting. Focused on improving strength on key lifts.”


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Another easy step is step number three, and he says, “Step three, you just need to walk.” Walking is the best way to lose weight in working too hard. Step four was a little technical and composed of testosterone. He said, “Step four, you must dial in your free testosterone levels naturally.” Finally, the next step was the most important one, where he said, “Step five, you need to get high-quality sleep.” He also previously shared a unique take on building muscle.

Greg O’Gallagher talks about a new way of muscle-building

Greg advocated previously on how to gain core strength while building muscle. His techniques are vastly different from those of other fitness enthusiasts, but he claims that they have worked for him. Gallagher hopes that this will also help others. The bodybuilder confidently claimed in his Instagram caption, “Most hopeless naturals follow routines by guys on steroids! No wonder they are not seeing results. You don’t have their drugs. You follow my sh*t, you get strong, Holmes.”


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He accused some bodybuilders and fitness influencers of using steroids and cited the reason that their followers do not get the best results while following the strategies. ‘The Russian Bride’ actor explained in the video “I am only 175 lbs, yet I rep 315 on the bench. I do 110-pound dumbbell shoulder presses. How am I so strong for my body weight? The key is in my training style. The way I train is called reverse pyramid training. I do my heavy set first for four to six reps. Do you agree with his process? Will you try out the six steps to get shredded? Tell us in the commons below.

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