2x Ms. Olympia Bikini Champion Wants to Leave Bodybuilding With the Same Amount of “Hormonal Quality” as When She Started

Fitness is always considered equivalent to bodybuilding, but these are two different things. Many bodybuilders focus on overall fitness, not just competition. They promote a balanced approach that values health, as some athletes have risked their well-being for the perfect physique. Former bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn is a strong advocate for placing fitness as the top priority.

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O’Hearn, who won four Mr. Universe titles in the natural category, always prioritized health. Recently, The Generation Iron Fitness Networks shared an interview featuring Mike O’Hearn, his wife Mona Muresan, and 2x Ms Olympia Bikini Lauralie Chapados. They delve into a variety of topics.

Mike O’Hearn appreciated Lauralie Chapados for her health priority


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While talking, O’Hearn commended Chapados for her focus on health in a world where many athletes prioritize competition over well-being. She’s been passionate about fitness since she was young, engaging in sports like soccer and jujutsu during her school days. However, her lifestyle underwent a major change during her teenage years.

2x Ms. Olympia Bikini, inclined into alcohol and partying. Soon she realized this lifestyle wouldn’t lead her anywhere, so she shifted her focus again to fitness and joined the gym. Subsequently, her body responded positively to the training. Later on, she took part in the bikini shows and impressed everyone with her well-conditioned body.

Furthermore, she mentioned while talking to O’Hearn, “I enter the sport I want to leave with the same thing meaning the same amount of hair on my head you know you know the normal aging situation but the same hormonal quality like these things I want to enter the sport and leave with the same thing plus trophies obviously.” She witnessed swift progress and decided to take a step further.


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From being a ruthless teenager to a pro bodybuilder

She continued to rise through the ranks, earning the IFBB Pro card at the 2016 IFBB qualifiers in Canada. Upon entering the Pro Circuit, she wasted no time winning three consecutive shows in 2018: Tampa Pro Bikini, Chicago Pro Bikini, and Toronto Pro Bikini. With a remarkable start at the Mr. Bikini Olympia in the same year, where she clinched second place.

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While embracing and accepting the age factor, she further described “As a woman I take longevity such at heart and I’m so glad that even now you see the judges they always mention that but now they’re also reward rewarding that because what I brought to the Olympia in 2022 was was insane.


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The conversation between these two athletes underlines the evolving nature of the sport and the importance of emphasizing health. Her story is a demonstration of the fact that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds- competing at the highest level of fitness. Share your thoughts on these athletes’ points of view on competing and embracing fitness at the same time.

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