28-Y.O. Powerlifting Beast Deadlift Record in “Warm Up” Stuns Fitness World to the Core: “Has No Right Moving That Easily”

In the bodybuilding world, when one thinks of warm-ups, a light jog or some stretching exercises may come to mind. A 28-year-old powerlifting prodigy, Jamal Browner, recently redefined the term with his jaw-dropping performance in deadlifts that he casually termed “warm-ups” in an Instagram video.

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Jamal Browner consistently pushes the boundaries of human strength and is no stranger to the fitness world. However, his most recent feat is unparalleled. Lifting with starting weights of 370 kg/815 lbs, transitioning to 420 kg/925.9 lbs, and finally hoisting a monstrous 460 kg/1014 lbs—all under the guise of a warm-up session.

Unveiling the “warm-up” of Jamal Browner


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On his Instagram account, Jamal Browner captioned his latest video, “Deadlift warmups from Saturday’s session.” What seemed like an ordinary statement was, in fact, an extraordinary feat. Browner started his “warm-up” session with an initial lift of 370 kg (815 lbs), which alone is considered competitive at the professional level.

But he didn’t stop there; Browner escalated to lifting 420 kg (925.9 lbs) in the next round. By this point, most would consider this a world-class achievement, and yet, it was still part of his warm-up. The ease with which he managed to lift these weights spoke volumes about his mastery and physical prowess.

Finally, the moment that sent shockwaves across the fitness world was when Browner deadlifted a staggering 460 kg/1014 lbs. With this, he didn’t just break the common perception of a “warm-up”; he shattered it. He accomplished what would be considered a peak performance for many seasoned powerlifters, all while staying in his so-called warm-up zone.

Bodybuilding fans react in amazement and disbelief


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As soon as the video went live, fan reactions flooded in, echoing a collective sentiment of astonishment and wonder. One fan commented, “has NO RIGHT moving that easily,” underlining the almost otherworldly ease with which Browner executed the lifts. Other comments ranged from “Built different” to “Bro really warmed up with 1000+ lbs,” showcasing the shocking reactions of his fans.

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A particularly motivating comment stated, “I swear, every time I see you pull those unreal weights, I can’t even believe my eyes. You’re one of a kind, beast, man. This sh*t motivates me to push the limits.” Another fan wrote, “Literally the smoothest and easiest 460 kg I have seen. Insane,” further confirming the unparalleled nature of Browner’s performance.


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Jamal Browner’s breathtaking “warm-up” session has undoubtedly sent a loud and clear message to the bodybuilding and fitness community. What do you think about his performance? Let us know in the comments.

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